Monday, March 5, 2018

Getting Off Pain Medications


I'm writing this post to worn about the dependence on addictive pain drugs and to share the experience of getting off them.

I heard recently of someone's mentioning that the feeling of depression she felt after getting off the pain medication taken for just 1 day! was worse than the pain itself.  

Memories started overflowing my mind this morning, and I had to release them: of my mom refusing morphine for the unbearable pain from the colorectal tumor, and my own experience.

I was given morphine after my unfortunate C-section.  I was appalled when I discovered that!   Being on that drug, I remember still feeling pain and inability to concentrate.  My fear was for my baby - I did not want any more drugs entering his precious body.  Therefore, I only took 1/2 extra strength Excedrin.   

Recently, I got to know someone, who was on Methadone for the last 20 years.  She was determined to get off this drug, even though. she still had many ailments, physical and old deep-seated emotional scars (since the age of 6-7!). 

Our emotional scars become physical: the anger may effect the liver, for example.  I do not really want to give more examples here, to create negative ideas in anybody's head.  However, if you need to read more on this subject, check my post Essential oils for emotions.

The lady has been on her path of ridding off of medications. I really felt for her and wanted to give her my all. 

A nutritional change, incorporating living foods, as well as the physical and emotional support were a must for her. 

She had MANY, and I mean MANY health issues accumulated over the years as a consequence of  taking medications and having surgeries. It is a cascading effect!

I find therapeutic grade essential oils most effective in balancing health.
Here are a few of the  therapeutic grade essential oils / blends and products we used to support my friend in her quest.  

  • Valor   (my personal favorite) - for emotional and physical support
  • Valerian - for nervous system support
  • Deep Relief - (another personal favorite, so diversified use) for healthy tissue support
  • Juva Flex - for liver support
  • Breath Again - for lung support
  • DiGize and Digest & Cleanse - for digestion support
  • Frankincense - a powerful emotional and physical booster
  • Ningxia Nitro - for an energy boost
  • Slique Tea - Ocotea Oolong Cacao
  • Peppermint, Thyme, Lavender and others
She drank chaga tea, green juices, herbs, made fermented drinks, aloe and adhered to living foods.

What a transformation!  

When you have a strong desire, there is a result!  

One thing, I wish, she made a homeopathic remedy from the methadone. But... 

The results? 
She is off methadone and continuing on her quest for reclaiming her health! so that she can enjoy being with her grandchildren and children.

Love, awe and respect to you, my good friend! 




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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Balancing Health According To Yin and Yang


I am so fascinated with the Oriental flowing system of Yin and Yang (expanding and contracting).

I love the story of the blind men deciphering an elephant.  Each man touched a part of the elephant, and therefore could not see the whole picture.

Similarly, when you look at the light split into many visible colors, you realize, it's not just white. 

If just one of the lights in the decorative lights garland does not work, the whole garland will not light up.     

Therefore, every situation and condition needs to be addressed from many angles and relationships.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”  coined Aristotle. 

Stay well!




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To apply the Yin and Yang principles, for example,  we would address internal organs in couples.

Yang                Yin
 organs             organs
-----------        ------------------------

Lungs      -->  Large intestine
Heart       -->  Small intestine
Kidneys   -->  [urinary] bladder
Spleen      -->  Gall bladder

Circulatory system

Blood - red, active  (yang)
Lymph - clear, slowly gathering used body fluid from periphery, and taking back to the heart (yin)

Our body

Front of our body (digestion and respiratory), solids, liquid and air - yang, warm, downward
Back                       (vibrations, nervous system) - yin, cool, upward

A good example of applying the yin / yang principle would be taking care of mold.  Mold grows in humid (yin) condition.  To get rid of it, you need to change the environment to dry (yang).

I always understood this, as it makes a lot of sense. 

This concepts applies to the Candida overgrowth (sinusitis, yeast infection, pneumonia, etc.)   For example, for sinusitis, directly inhaling therapeutic grade essential oils instead of breathing in steam (humidity)  would be supportive of the dry environment.

Importance of our mouth - the pivot of the body functioning.

Circulatory, digestive and nervous systems all gather at the mouth.  By talking (or not), we exercise our conciseness and freedom. 

Triple Heater
Complaining of low energy?  Looking for a pill, lol?
No - you need to fix your prized apparatus.

In Oriental Medicine, Triple Heater is a system of organs transforming and regulating energy and water movement inside us.   It includes respiratory, digestive and excretory systems, all connected by the skin (our largest organ).   Emotionally, it corresponds to our feelings of sympathy and  mental state.

Why is it called triple? It corresponds to 3 parts of our body, or in other words - the whole thing! 
It is interesting to compare the Triple Heater to a Vermont Dr.Jarvis's concept of the digestion as compared to an elevator moving down - the energy of the food being transformed (or the heat in the body moving down).

There is an interesting relationship between the kidneys and skin, for example.  Both excrete a liquid.  Interesting enough is that when both the kidneys and the skin are overloaded with toxins, a person easily gets skin problems.  Therefore, a logical solution here is to cleanse the kidneys, not the symptom skin condition.


Instinctively, we are constantly trying to balance ourselves - with the foods we eat, our life styles, emotions, nutrition, weather, etc.,  IF WE ARE PAYING ATTENTION TO OURSELVES.  
Medications and surgeries are not balancing.  


Too much of one kind of food not only harms its associated organ, but also weakens the organ it controls in the "Destruction" cycle.  Thus:
Too much salt in food endangers the heart, and the pulse hardens, sours make their appearance and the complexion changes.  
Too much bitter food endanger the lungs, and the skin becomes withered and the body hair falls out.
Too much pungent flavor in food endangers the liver, and the muscles become knotty and the finger and toe nails wither and decay.
Too much sour flavor in food endangers the spleen and stomach, and the flesh hardens and wrinkles and the skin become slack.
Too much sweet flavor in food endangers the kidney, and the bones ache and the hair on the head falls out.

We can balance a flavor by a controlling  flavor.
For example, I noticed that people from the warm climate add salt to their sweet fruit.  Similarly, I sometimes eat a lot of dulse

sour flavor - counteracted by the pungent flavor
bitter          -  by salty
sweet          -  by sour
pungent      - by bitter
salty            - by sweet

Healthier emotions create healthier internal organs, healthier organs support healthier thinking.  Our internal and external organs and systems are not independent of each other.  For example, your hair is a record of your health.

When we eat plants, cereals and vegetables, "plants become blood and then flesh.
When we eat meat, the process is reversed, the flesh becomes blood", as we decompose meat, burn dead matter

When we eat plants, cereals and vegetables, "plants become blood and then flesh.
When we eat meat, the process is reversed, the flesh becomes blood", as we decompose meat, burn dead matter. " This process is too fast", compared to assimilation if plant food.
This is why people who eat a lot of meat have high fever - your body's reaction to burn toxins.
From Healing ourselves by Naboru Muramoto

What does it mean in terms of using essential oils?

All essential oils have properties of being hot (yang) or cold (yin), heavy or light, and are  balanced by many constituents, and properties.  On top of that, they have energies in the range of our internal organs.  My favorite, at times of balancing, are blends.   But not always.

Some, like Valor and En-R-Gee may be applied to feet, shoulders, and other areas to cover the flow of meridians!  Harmony is another balancing blend.  

Each therapeutic grade essential oil corresponds to a different emotion or a feeling/memory it might evoke. 

Meridians---Primo-Vascula System as Presented by Bong Han Kim

Pain anywhere in the body is caused by stagnation ( blockage )

Note:  Even though there are many theories, I put our intuition above all.

Note2.  Emotions, a clean colon, live food, personality, circumstances, constitution, life style, etc. - all of these need to be taken into consideration.  (My loving father always knew about a clean colon and helping others.  My courageous mom encouraged me at the toughest times. - these lessons in life are invaluable!)

Most of the information in this post is from various Oriental medicine books such as Healing Ourselves by Naboru Muramoto and other books.

P.S. I find this post very informative on balancing nutrition:

Monday, December 4, 2017

Recovering After Eating Junk Food

My only defense, LOL, is, I don't do this often. 

I was rushing, and did not bring anything with me but water.  No NingXia Nitro, which is a savior for me, no snack - nada (that's "nothing" in Spanish), zilch...

At the end of my night out in New York city, I was tired, yet, I still had a trip home in front of me.  Maybe, even waiting for an hour at Secaucus train station.  So my creativity got the best of me - I bought chocolate ice cream AND A BAG OF raisin cookies!  AND I ATE THE ICE CREAM AND 4 COOKIES...  (My husband only knows about 1 of each).

The next day, I was not a happy camper - a headache and still remembering eating those cookies, only with a lot of disgust.  

Anyway, I wanted to share with you what helped me get comfortable most effectively.  



As long as you listen to your body, it will forgive you for the Nth time

Most of the day, I drank my raw goat kefir, water with fresh-squeezed lemon and NingXia Nitro and therapeutic grade essential oils, whichever I felt like.

Not to ruin my drink, I took a spoon of my delicious drink with less palatable therapeutic grade essential oils.  DiGize I can handle by itself, easily.  I also like lemon-myrtle, and even am used to tea tree.  Fennel is good too.  And of course, Slique Essence is fine.

I also ate a peace of raw aloe - I just chewed on it - well deserved after the cookies...

I tried my husband's favorite method of putting a hot water bottle under my neck and laying down.

Yes, it was relaxing, but not good enough.

So I started using my brain, and figured out the most effective solution: putting En-R-Gee blend straight on the head where it hurt and at the base of the head and neck, and on the carotid arteries.


You know how sometimes your head hurts in different places?  That is because your head is screaming at you, letting you know that you poisoned your liver, kidneys, etc. (depending on the pain location).

So instead of using specific therapeutic grade essential oils  for different internal organs on different acu / pressure  points  on my head, I used one blend, En-R-Gee, to support healthy energy flow!  I did not need to wait for relief!  THAT'S THE WAY TO USE THESE PRECIOUS DROPS!

Did you watch the movie Color Purple?  Remember how one of the black women makes a compress on the neck?  Gary Young taught us NAT technique Read specifically this blog.

Could I have put the therapeutic grade essential oils (eo) on other locations?  Yes.  I could have put some on the adrenals and I should have supported the endocrine system by using EndoFlex on the thymus. (I'll do it now, before going to bed, LOL).  I could have applied eo to more acu points, followed meridians releasing and supporting the energy flow, etc.  But I did not.  What I did was effective and easy to do.  So I was content.  Maybe, next time...
How much and how often? - when I needed relief.  So a few times.

I also supported the liver (1 drop of Juva Flex internally, 3 drops on my liver), kidneys (Juniper on kidneys), Myrtle on thyroid.

I needed fresh air and to move - so I went to rake leaves and took Pepper for a fast-pace walk.

Should I have done the enema instead?  YES.  But I did not feel like it...

Finally, by around late afternoon, I was ready to eat.  Too bad, I did not make juice for myself first.

What's in the En-R-Gee?

"The stimulating, spicy-pine fragrance of Rosemary, Juniper, Lemongrass, Nutmeg, Balsam Fir, Clove, and Black Pepper essential oils." 
What a great combo!  Supporting circulation and nerves!

I hope, you do not need to do it, but if you do - remember my experience.

Na Zdorov'e!!!  (To Health!)


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