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Genetic Effect Of Atrazine Pesticide On Our Children - Living Downstream by Sandra Steingraber

Another powerful account of widely used pesticide Atrazine 

causing harmful reproductive and cancerous effect exposed

in Living Downstream by ecologist, biologist,  international 

expert on environmental links to cancer,  

Sandra Steingraber


As I am watching film Living Downstream I rented from the library, I am typing up notes to share with you.


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Notes from film Living Downstream 

Sandra Steingraber got bladder cancer at a young age.  She had a lot of cancer in the family which adopted her.  So the cancer she got was not genetic.

In her film, Sandra examines the environmental effects of Atrazine pesticide found in water.

Atrazine is a common pesticide used by agriculture

Atrazine dissolves in water, then gets carried with rain hundreds of miles

Amphibians have no protection against chemical pollution - no placenta, no egg shell

Male frog turned into female after exposure to atrazine;atrazine impairs reproduction

atrazine turns on enzyme, which converts testosterone to estrogen  - very important in women's breast cancer

We use contaminated water, which 

  • destroys immune system
  • causes bladder cancer

DDT was used to win the WWII.  Having no place to get rid of them,  sold to people 

"Silent Spring" book by biologist Rachel Carson  (died of breast cancer)

"Every year more than 600,000 North Americans die of cancer"

Before visiting the city, Sandra checks the toxicity levels (just like I check the beach we're going to, especially, if it's a new place).

In Northern New Hampshire, the leaves contain high amounts of PCBs (lasts a long time in the environment).  PCBs travel with air.

Beluga whales have cancer, as they are exposed to many industrial chemical contaminants; PH and PCBs.

Could that happen to us?

As a cancer patient: you agree to the removal of body parts, privacy invasion

(read about my mom's)

Carcinogens in water supply, water, food...

Children are more vulnerable than adults as they eat/drink/breath more on a pound/pound basis  (and grow - cell division)

female's breast/breast gland exposed to Atrazine never fully develops

60 - 70% of population is exposed to Atrazine on a daily basis

Children don't have resistance to chemicals; growing faster and therefore more at risk

Mother's milk is contaminated.  Babies have a right to a healthy milk!

PCBs are stored in fat - by eating these foods, we get PCBs.

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma study - ill people had higher levels of PCBs in their serum (chlorine chemicals, like PCBs and pesticides)

PCBs lead to suppression of the immune system 

PCBs are no longer produced in North America.  However, there are many others...

The emotions of a cancer person (I don't want even to go there)....

Thanks to scientist George Woodwell's Ph.D work, PCB production was stopped.

"There is more evidence of atrazine's link to cancer  than there was for PCBs.  That is a difference in politics, not science"
Carcinogens are introduced into the environment.  Some people are consigned to death."

 "Environmental Human Rights -  believe that our grandchildren will marvel that our economy depended on chemicals that were killing the planet and us, and thinking it unthinkable"


There are 61 atrazine product listed in

Here is another account:



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