Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I AM BACK ON THE WEB!!! And attended the Beauty School classes...


Guess who is back!!!

As my roommate at the Young Living Beauty school likes to say - "and rock and roll"!!!

First, let me re-assure everyone that I have not abandoned anyone.  In fact, my beliefs are stronger than ever.  I had to make my web site, blog, and Youtube videos private, as they do not comply with FDA terminology reserved for wholistic medicine.

I am working (sorry, not hard) to post some of the information back on my new blog, web site, and Youtube.  If you need some old info, just send me a message.

Now for the fun part.  

I recently went to the Young Living Beauty School at Zermat resort and spa, Utah.  (another certificate added to my certificates collection!)

I had the greatest time, every single moment: training, meeting old friends and making new ones, and enjoying the mountains.

Every morning I got up before the son, at 4 or 5 am, as I couldn't adjust to the new time zone.  I spent this time reflecting on my life and my present.  I felt happy and fortunate to have what I have - a 
 small, but loving and supporting family.

Even though I only slept for about 3 hours each night, I felt full of energy, thanks to NingXia Nitro, which I had every day.  I attended lectures and events at night, and also hiked and even ran in the mountains during lunch.  

Every morning, I visited goats, who were right next to the resort.  They filled me with love, and I was so happy to pet them.

School's emphasis was on TOTAL HEALTH - from inside out, which completely resonates with my beliefs and life experience.  

I fell in love with Luba, the director of the beauty school, from the moment I saw her: she is so down to earth,  intelligent, and beautiful.

Mary Young spoke about sharing essential oils and business side, recalling her first days as a distributor (she always likes to talk about it).  

Susan Johnson was there to speak about the Caravan trip next year.  (I love Susan - she is always full of energy and pleasant.  The first time I met her was on Long Island, when Gary Young came  to lecture.  We both volunteered at the tables).  

I would love to go on that trip!  To travel on a camel, feel the desert heat, exhausture, making and living history!  That is so exciting!  

There were great presenters: Dan Purser, MD, Cole Wooley, PhD, etc.  However, that information was not new to me.

The most striking presentation was by an x beauty-salon owner, who got 3 cancers (a death sentence!).  She has gone through total transformation, and looked great on stage.

Since the recent FDA pressure on wholistic medicine, even the presenters had to be careful  wording the information.  Everyone joked about it, though it does feel stifling ..  

I took a ton of notes and kept presentation slides.

I bought many oils not available on-line, and brought home a beautiful lavender leather suitcase full of products for the skin.  It was 
 given to me by the beauty school.  

I got to be on stage! Dancing...  

I was all shaking, but there was no turning back...

Here is a bad picture of me, as I managed to lose weight, and the dress looked like a bag on me...

But the dress was nice....  And I became FAMOUS!

I can not tell you how much I enjoyed the whole weekend!  It felt like the good-old days, when I worked for Metlife Investments Information, and was sent to different classes and events.

Being with like-minded people, learning, hiking - I would not mind living this way every day!

I felt like a super-woman, doing it all, and not being tired (thanks to NingXia Nitro!)

I also felt at home with so many people I already knew, my room-mate being such a sweetheart and very easy going.  I even danced with the man from Zermat! as it was hard to simply listen to such a beautiful music broadcastied (he was a good sport!) 

 In good and bad times...


Health Essentials LLC.    (I had to make the old web site is private.  The new web site is:

Young Living member#: 1128387 

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