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Inflammation - many causes and many cures

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Most of us already know that we have inflammation when our body is trying to rid itself of a foreign intruder, be it a bacterial infection, toxins from Candida, chemicals accumulated in our body, or compacted colon and body cells.  We should not disregard the emotional triggers as well..  For example, Louise L. Hay writes that fear, or seeing red, or inflamed thinking might cause inflammation.  

Inflammation, fever and pain is the way our body is communicating to us to address the problem.

I like using holistic medicine - the wisdom and experience accumulated over the centuries around the globe.  

The protocol I use is pretty straight forward.  Depending on the health issue, I like to implement some or all of the following steps.  The more you do, the quicker the recovery. 

  1. Address emotions
  2. Cleanse colon, lymph, liver, kidneys, balance endocrine system and other organs, including the spine
  3. Strengthen your immune system
  4. Improve posture balance 
  5. Heal and restore
  6. Take care of pain and sleep
  7. Address nutrition
For more information on healing and recovery, please read:

I have used and learnt many therapies and remedies for over 10 years.  I discovered the most effective, balancing and easy to use are high quality therapeutic grade essential oils.  I use them practically every day for my family and friends (including my dog) for emotional, physical and spiritual healing, as well as for body care and nutrition.  When using therapeutic grade essential oils, recovery time is much shorter than when using other therapies.  Managing stress and pain makes the essential oils invaluable.  

Using therapeutic grade essential oils (there are only 1% of the highest quality in the world) is very easy: inhale, rub them on or ingest.   I created many videos on YouTube when I was sick, to share what worked best for me.  

The best part about using essential oils is - it takes no time and is not that expensive.  All you need is 1 to 3 drops of essential oil, which never goes bad.

I had good results helping my son get well fast by addressing his feelings, as well as physical problems.  Once  the emotional cause is identified and addressed, healing becomes quicker.  

How do we know which essential oil will work best to address the inflammation?

It all depends on the situation, location and sensitivity.  

Some essential oils are hot and need to be diluted, and some are very gentle.  Some have a warming effect, some cooling.  Any essential oil can be diluted with a vegetable oil, but you would not want to apply such mixture to an open wound.  

The most gentle and effective essential oils you can put directly on wounds are Helichrysum and Myrrh.  Other oils are Lavender (to prevent scarring) and Copaiba.  Another mild and effective essential oil for inflammation is Roman Chamomile.    Frankincense is powerful for inflammation and uplifting your mood, Ocotea stops pain in the stomach instantly, and Cypress stops bleeding within seconds, no matter where you apply it on your body.  There are also many blends formulated for specific condition. 

Hot essential oils and blends can be applied away from the location of the injury, on feet, lymph nodes, spine,   and the reflex and acupuncture points, inhaled and ingested.   

Other ways to select essential oils is by using your intuition or compiling all the symptoms to match the oil's properties.  (please read more here:
and here:

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Many techniques can be used for a quick recovery: Raindrop, Pointer (for nerve damage), Neuro-Auricular Technique (NAT), compress, inhalation, diffusing or simply smelling.  For more information, please read here:

Following is the page from the Essential Reference Desk on Inflammation Due To Injury:

Note: Information in this post refers to Young Living products, which I use to get results.

"It is well established that the beginning of a local inflammation is caused by contraction of the arteries due to the release of adrenaline" (Kurt Schnaubelt "Aromatherapy course")

For more information/videos of our immune system's inflammation response, read here:


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