Thursday, October 23, 2014

Living Foods Essentials - returning to Natural Living; plus what happened to me while I was studying


Here is another post I wrote about my experiences at the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute Puerto Rico.  

On my old non FDA approved blog it got +67,244   (I only discovered it today, when copying this post)

My dear friends,

You're looking at a graduate of raw living nutrition class at Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute Puerto Rico!

I got a certificate of Achievement for Distinguished Completion of the one week intensive class, Living Foods Essentials, at Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute, Inc.  Since I have learnt and done living foods for many years before going to institute, this class gave me a complete picture.  

To sum up, in this class I learnt self-sufficiency by doing: got training in growing, sprouting, and preparation of living foods; application of their healing properties; wheatgrass therapies; connecting and working colesly with nature; balancing the body, mind and spirit; internal cleansing; mental clarity; longevity, and prevention of all illness.

As you know me well by now, when I find something I like, I get into it all the way.  

This time, my transformation is total immersion into living foods eating, no buts about it!

Why?  Because I am sick and tired of correcting my eating "disorders" with kefir, DiGize and tea tree essential oils, and so forth.

I just spent 1 week of intensive training at the place, where I ate only living foods.  This class  solidified all my knowledge about raw nutrition, and living it.  I lost most of my pouch, the heels of my feet got softer, and I felt better than ever!  I wish I were at Ann Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico now!  

Why do I choose sprouted foods, wheat grass, green juices and cleansing?  Simply because I get energy, easily digested balanced food full of enzymes.  Add fresh water, exercise, and emotional balance, and the picture is complete.

As soon as I set myself up for growing my own food, I plan on starting teaching classes and doing consultations for people who are looking for true health.  

Guess what happened to me, while I was there?  Someone broke my ribs the first night I arrived!  It was a friendly, but over-emotional hug.  I thought, I was going to dye from pain, as the ribs that cracked were around my heart - to the left, and below.

Unfortunately, that night I did not realize what happened - I thought I would be OK.  However, the following morning, the pain let me know...

Luckily, I had a few therapeutic grade essential oils with me, plus someone gave me my favorite balancing blend.  Every day I felt better - I even went swimming, to make sure the ribs would stay in place (plus, being on the beach, and not to swim...)

I had to endure another trying experience - one day before the graduation, I got stung on the beach by a black soft bug (my husband thinks it was a scorpion).  The sting was not as painful as from a bee, however, the venom got stored in my foot, and caused redness and itching, plus I felt feverish from within at night.  Even taking a hot shower did not help -  I had to put the most powerful therapeutic grade essential oils antibacterial blend (which I luckily had on me) on my feet and my spine.

Unfortunately, I did not take many essential oils with me this time, so I had to improvise.

On my ribs, I used (*** erased *** sorry, complying with FDA)  (in that sequence).

When I got stung, I did not have (*** erased),  so I used (*** erased)

I also helped someone who had a sore throat and fever.  I was so glad when he stopped using antibiotics!

Fast forward...

My family, including my dog Pepper, were happy to meet me alive!

By the way, guess who is joining me on some of my meals?  Of course, Pepper!  She licked the dish clean (I gave her cheese without rejuvelac, which I am making now).

To YOUR health,


Health Essentials LLC.

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