Thursday, October 23, 2014

Making Rejuvelac


This post alone had +10,850  on my non-FDA approved blog, which I had to  make private.

I explain here how you can make your own fermented drink Rejuvelac from either quinoa or another grain ("poor man's"  beer) or cabbage.

It is very easy and simple.  Most important, it is so good for your digestion and stomach's health.

I found it interesting to learn that you can buy Rejuvelac in Turkey, just like ice cream sold in the US, on the streets.

Quinoa Rejuvelac

Making Quinoa Rejuvelac Creative Way

Recipe for cabbage rejuvelac

1. Pour 1 3/4 cups of purified water I to the blender
2. Add 3 cups of coarsely chopped, loosely packed cabbage to the blender
3. Start the blender at low speed and then advance to high Spode
4. blend until mixture is smooth
5. After 3 days, strain off the liquid rejuvelac and use or refrigerate

First batch -- takes 3 days to mature-- 2nd batch takes only 24 hours each

Second batch

1. Pour 1/4 cup of fresh cabbage rejuvelac into the blender and add 1 1/2 cups water to it
2. Add 3 cups of coarsely chopped cabbage loosely packed into the blender
3. Start blending-- slow then fast
4. Blend until mixture is smooth
5. Pour the mixtures into a jar, cover with mesh, cheesecloth or sprout bag
6. Let stand at room temp for 24 hours
7. After 24 hours, strain off liquid cabbage rejuvelac and use or refrigerate
8. Always AVOID using tap water when making rejuvelac because chlorine will prevent fermentation

This recipe is from the Ann Wigmore Natural Health InstitutePuertoRico, where I earned my certification for using and growing raw living foods.

Note.  If you don't have old rejuvelac, substitute with water.  It will take you then 3 days to make 
the rejuvelac

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