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Our Complex Beautiful Immune System; Inflammation


Our immune system is amazing and complex as beautifully shown in the 2 YouTube videos below.

Why does it not do sometimes, what it supposed to, for us?  

Because we don't take good care of it.  It is live, and needs live nourishment.  Our body needs to be clean, so that all the communication between the cells can proceed.

When toxins accumulate in your body, it is trying to get rid of them by either raising a temperature, or using other cells to kill the intruders (inflammation).  The body is sending you signals as pain, to let you know that you need to cleanse and repair.  

What happens when you interrupt your body, when it's trying to repair itself either from an injury or toxins, and you shut your immune system with medications?

The problem you're having remains, and only gets worse!  And your body can't even protect itself!

Addressing the symptoms is not a solution!!!

Medications are toxic to your body and acidic.  So now, your body has to deal with even more problems!

Here is another video.  But watch it carefully, as you're led to believe that you need medications, instead of cleansing and nourishment.

I love Andreas Moritz's comparison of congestion in our body to traffic congestion caused by accident due to ice and snow.

"  This accident affects every car waiting to move forward, although nothing is inherently wrong with the cars themselves.  Equally affected are trucks that deliver goods to stores or take trash to landfills; mothers on their way home to feed their children, businessmen heading to the airport to catch a plane; and thousands of other commuters stranded for various reasons.  The effect is the same for all involved; they are unable to reach their destination.  Unless someone removes the cause of the traffic congestion, they remain stuck among a vast number of exhaust-producing cars.

If someone were to come along and propose that the best way to clear the congestion would be to get a large bulldozer and push every car off the road, you would think he must be out of his mind. Yet, this is exactly how allopathic medicine deals with cancer  (or with any "autoimmune disease" Eugeniya)  In cancer, a more or less a permanent traffic jam has developed in the body, but this traffic jam has been caused by a holdup somewhere else.  No longer can nutrients, such as oxygen and glucose, be delivered to their destinations, nor can cellular waste products be cleared away.  Instead of using toxic drugs or surgical "bulldozers" to destroy or remove cells that have been affected by the traffic congestion, seeking the initial holdup that has led to the congestion in the first place would be a far wise course of action.

We have already analyzed that normal cells turn cancerous when they do not get enough oxygen to do their metabolic work.  Without cell metabolism the body would turn cold and lifeless within minutes.

To keep some sort of metabolism going without the use of oxygen, albeit far  from ideal, the cells have to change (mutate) into anaerobic cells that are capable of utilizing accumulated metabolic waste products and delivering at least some of the required heat and energy in the body.  To blame and,  subsequently, punish these cells for such an act of instinctive wisdom would be very shortsighted.  If you look for the underlying reason for this situation, it is the holdup that prevents oxygen and other nutrients from reaching the cells.  There is basically only one such holdup, although it has two components - the thickening of the blood capillary walls and the congestion of the lymphatic ducts.  

The most important fluid in the body is the blood.  Its high velocity and thinness guarantee the continued sustenance of the body.  If the blood gets too thick, the entire body, including the heart and the brain, begin to suffer oxygen deprivation and potential starvation.  In thickened blood, platelets become aggravated and begin to stick together.  This makes it difficult for the blood to pass through the tiny capillaries that supply the cells of the body with oxygen and other nutrients.  If brain cells, nerve tissue, or heart cells get cut off from the oxygen and nutrient supply, a whole range of acute and chronic disorders may result, including heart attack, stroke, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, cancer of the brain, and many subsidiary problems throughout the body. " from Cancer is NOT a Disease by Andreas Moritz 

Here is his priceless interview on immune system and cancer:

Read the post I wrote earlier on inflammation:  

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