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Biotrasmutaion or Getting Necessary Minerals For Your Health

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many people take inorganic substances, thinking that this will help their health.


You can read Norman Walker, Ann Wigmore, and many other wholistic nutritionists, who will explain the same.  Just a day ago, I read Norman Walker explaining in his book on juicing, how taking sodium bicarbonate will have accumulation of dead minerals in your eyes.

Dollai Lama talks about this in his book.  In fact, most wholistic nutritionist explain that when you process food, you destroy the live nutrients we need.

Read a scientific explanation below.

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Excerpts from David Stewart's book  The Chemistry Of Essential Oils Made Simple

  "Transmutations of the elements is a routine and daily process in all living forms, including human beings.  ... A biological process is necessary to complete a give n transmutation.  Physicists and nuclear chemists  ... thus far failed to achieve [it] in a lab except by high energy particle acceleration or extreme temperatures.  The dream of "cold fusion" - nuclear exchanges at low temperatures - has never been accomplished in a laboratory, even though millions of dollars and many years of research have been expended toward the effort by many scientists.  The difference is the presence of life.

    The laws of physics and chemistry do not apply to living processes the same way they do to the dead processes of a lab or to the inorganic world around us."

    Examples of transmutations are:
  • chicken making their own calcium from potassium (from eating mica, which contains no calcium, for example)
  • Daisies can make their own calcium.  Daisies growing in calcium poor soil, as they die, contribute their wilted stalks and leaves to the soil,  ... gradually increasing the calcium content, thus enriching the soil of its deficient elements.
  • There are at least three ways that have been documented for plants and animals to make their own calcium from other elements
                12Mg + 8 O =  20 Ca
                14Si + 6 C    = 20Ca

Calcium Is Not Always the Asnwer    ..."For centuries it has been known by herbalists that regular intake of horsetail helps prevent bone loss and will speed up the repair of broken bones.  Yet horsetail contains little or no calcium.
What it does contain is rich amounts of silica.  Apparently, the Si atoms in horsetail can be converted into Ca atoms by the body.

    However, the body cannot transmute just any old silicon into calcium.  In fact, ingesting inorganic silicon will cause decalcification of the bones. 

    Natural sources of both Si and Mg, such as various herbs, have long been known for their benefits in other bone and joint ailments, such as rheumatism, osteoporosis, and arthritis.  A diet rich in calcium does not necessarily strengthen bone or repair joints or build teeth.  Children on normal diets, including calcium-rich milk and cheese, have been known to suffer delayed dental growth until placed on diets of fruits, meat, and vegetables (with no dairy products).  Within weeks, their tooth development was restored to normal.

    Fresh green leafy vegetables contain significant amounts of silicon.  In fact, cows excrete more calcium than they ingest and can live on a diet of various grasses rich in silicon and poor in calcium.

    Another secret to healthy calcium content in your body is magnesium (Mg).  Magnesium is the core element around which the chlorophyll molecule is built.  Eating any green vegetable is consuming magnesium.

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