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Cleansing For A Quicker Recovery


When the colon, liver, kidneys and other organs are clean and balanced, it is much easier and quicker to recover your health. 

I prefer cleansing with wheat grass juice and green energy soups, as well as using therapeutic grade essential essential oils.    

·         When you do an enema, you assist in cleansing of all the organs, as each part of your colon corresponds to an organ in your body.

Big and retention enemas are very beneficial.

Big enema can be done with just distilled water, or by adding herbal tea, wheat grass juice, and other ingredients added to distilled water.  Make sure not to irritate the stomach, so start with smaller dosages.

For retention enemas with therapeutic grade essential oils follow 40/60 ratio of EO/Vegetable oil.   
Big enema can be done in the morning, after going to the bathroom.  Some people do it at night.
Retention enema can be done at night or after the big enema.

·         Which essential oils to use for an enema?   

It depends on stool/digestion and health problems.  

Young Living carries a blend of therapeutic grade essential oils, called Protec.  

An alternative to an enema could be using Cleansing Trio , or the new cleanse with NingXia Red.

To address other organs and systems in the body:

·        Support healthy liver function 

     Use blends JuvaFlex or JuvaCleanse  (3 drops on the liver, 3 drops on the liver reflex on the right foot).

Drinking citrus oils in the morning (a few drops in water) is another way of cleansing and stimulating liver.  However, Juva blends are more potent.

There are 2 more choices to support your liver – with herbal powders (JuvaPower, JuvaTone (has oils too), and JuvaSpice – but I prefer the above.

·        Support healthy function of kidneys – Juniper – 3 drops on each  kidney and kidney reflexes on feet.  Young Living carries K & B (kidney and bladder), which "contains juniper and parsley extracts [and many other beneficial ingredients] to support kidney and bladder health and enhance the body's efforts to maintain fluid balance." 

·        Balance energies and physical structure – 1 drop of Harmony on Thymus, Valor on shoulders and feet (3 drops on each)

·        Purification oil blend is excellent to cleanse the whole body, lymph, and for Candida (has tea tree in it, and Lemongrass) – put 3-6 drops on each foot, depending on the foot size)

·        Other choices to cleanse lymph: Laurus Nobilis, Cypress, and Lemongrass.  (please refer to properties of each oil for appropriate use)

·         Use Endoflex to balance endocrine system – 1 drop on thymus and reflex on foot.

By the way, when you put the oil on reflexes, it is a good idea to do a reflex massage, called a "caterpillar walk".

·        For thyroid – use 3 drops of Myrtle    

Any other organs I missed?

·        Adrenals  

Add the following amounts of essential oils to 1/4 tsp. of massage oil and apply as a warm compress over the adrenal glands (located on top of kidneys): (be careful, if you have cancer - watch the compress temperature)

o    3 drops clove
o    3 drops nutmeg
o    7 drops rosemary

The quicker you cleanse/balance your body/mind, the quicker results you'll get.  
  • Take care of emotions, both stored in the body 
      *  I have shared many approaches and techniques in my folder for emotions on my old web site, which I am going to restore very soon.
  • Balancing chakras

Information in this post is just a summary.  Each situation should be viewed as unique.

For a list of books on health I enjoy:
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To your health!


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