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Supporting Healthy Teeth And Gums


Here is another one of my old posts.  A friend of mine just called asking for information, so I decided to post it today.

Today is the 3rd day I have had a tooth infection.

You could say, I knew it was coming, as my body had to revolt in some way to respond to my combining wrong foods, eating non-stop, and Candida-provoking foods...  On top of it, I started having my doubts about my blog and website being public, as I learnt that people did not comprehend the difference in the quality of essential oils I talk about, and bought low quality essential oilss, which might be harmful, or at most ineffective.

When you have doubts, your teeth become vulnerable.  

Vala!  I got infection in my teeth and root canals that Saturday night.  

Day 1 (Sunday) - I was good, taking capsules internally, putting oils on my tooth, drinking, not eating (except for aloe, kefir and rejuvelac - no enema, unfortunately).  I felt improvement.  Even went for a long walk in the park, even though it felt chilly.

I felt optimistic - I knew, I could beat the infection, as I already had previously.  

Which oils did I take - I layered them in my mouth: antibiotic formula, singles, a few oils followed by Wintergreen and Copaiba.  I even experimented with DiGize (see a similar post here.

Day 2 - Had wheat grass juice and other green juices (cucumber, lettuce, celery).  Was doing great - to the point I did not need the enema ( I had aloe and kefir and rejuvelac).

Felt very good.  So I had to ruin it - ate Joseph's 1 piece of bread (not raw) with raw fermented butter.  I also had sweet fruit.  Guess what - I paid for it! as I got worse.

So, I had to get back to work!  Most importantly, on day 2, I felt down, thinking, why it should happen to me, when so many people eat and live unhealthy.  But then, I reasoned with myself - many of these people end up losing their teeth, have gray hair prematurely, end up in hospitals, having bigger problems later on.  Plus, maybe, I am running a real test before my friend undergoes a tooth surgery.  (I often develop symptoms similar to what my family and close friends undergo, even though they might be far away from me.

I still was down on myself, and disgusted by my uncontrollable eating behaviors.  

Then I smelled Joy - having a strong spirit makes the recovery quick.  

I told myself, that I will get well soon.  I tried different combinations of therapeutic grade essential oils, did Vitaflex on my feet with the whole sequence of Raindrop, cleansed liver, kidneys, gallbladder, and balanced my endocrine system - no time for being a baby!

Unfortunately, I ran out of PanAway - too bad, need to re-order.

3rd day

The tips of my fingers were red and swollen since last night.

By the morning, it felt that all the infection went up to the surface of my gum, not in the root canals anymore.

Today, I am drinking a lot: rejuvelac, water with organic raw apple cider vinegar and Slique Essence.  I also have my kefir.  

I have not had ginger for a long time - today will be a good day to use it.

I had to go to Manhattan, so I brought a bunch of oils with me.  I figured, even though it might not be the best day weather-wise, being away from home (from food I should not eat) will do me good.  Besides, I planned to go to the expo.  And after that - will teach piano lesson in Hoboken.

So, equipped with about 10 essential oils, I boarded the train.  

It did turn out good for me, as I used oils more.  

The most powerful combination was Thieves with Oregano, followed by Wintergreen.  Oregano alone sent tears to my eyes, but I did not back off.

To make the story short, by the time I got home, it felt like there was no infection in my teeth, but there was a swelling on top of my gums.  By then, I could not even think of taking anymore essential oils, so I just swallowed 2 capsules: Longevity and Inner Defense, and put some Cinnamon straight on the swelling!  

I went to sleep earlier, and when I woke up a few hours later, the swelling was gone!

Wait, don't be like me - have some patience, this is not the end.

4th day

I was happy it was over.  However, my wise son put a bad thought in my brain, by telling me that it takes longer to get rid of infection.  But that's without therapeutic grade essential oils!

Too late - my brain absorbs everything, like a sponge.  I did not get the swelling anymore, however, a little annoying reminder is still there.  So I need to continue.

So I used Christmas Spirit, Peace and Calming and Tea tree, separately.  Of all 3, the best effect was from, you guessed it, from Peace and Calming.

The tips of fingers are not red or swollen anymore.

So, isn't it my brain playing tricks on me, after all?  Do I have too much info as to what is not good, and what is good?  Or maybe, it was simply an infection?

I used ginger.

In retrospect, there were many positives from my body talking sense to me:  I ordered sprouting supplies and sprouts to tie me up until I grow my own. My mind registered pain as a negative consequence of poor nutrition and negative attitude.  As I don't want to have this pain/problem again to deal with, and will remember this lesson, hopefully, longer this time, and will be more sensible! 

5th day - running out of patience.  

I 'm still not done!  Had banana and cheese at different times, which was probably not the best thing to eat.  But I am not giving up - just have to get busy.

I like immediate results.  dripped Oregano, Wintergreen, Frankincense, and Myrrh - did the trick, for now, anyway.  

My feelings - I want to eat everything, like everyone else, and not have any problems.  Though, I should not complain - I am not in pain, and eating raspberries.   Earlier in the day, I biked to Whole Foods, and upon arrival home, had a clementine, followed by a piece of aloe  for desert.

I used ginger today, and put a bunch of my tooth mix all around the mouth, and especially on the bad spot.

Just looked in the mirror - the bubble is back, even though, it does not feel like infection in my teeth.  More fighting!  Just put tea tree and clove, will try Cinnamon later again.  I ran out of Inner Defense - so what?  I can make my own capsules (did not think of that).  Will take 1 capsule (I already took 1 Longevity).  I hate being sick, but I don't really have the alternative - should have taken better care of my teeth!  Payday now!!!

I guess, it's time for using Valor!  Put some on my shoulders, inhaled, and went to lie down with my dog Pepper.

1 hour later

My sweet potato is done - tastes delicious with raw fermented butter and scallions (don't worry, I only had 1/2 or less)

Ah, forgot to tell you - the fight is over!  It is all gone!  No casualties on my side.. 

5th day 

Got up early. My teeth are fine, though I feel tired.  What a battle!  

Will take capsules later, just in case. 

For now - just some hot water with raw goat milk - oils are drying, so, I bet, that's why I had a craving for raw butter (and of course, I am a potato-head, though I rarely eat them nowadays).

After preparing lunches for my men, I had some whey from my home-made raw kefir.

So then - doubts, GO AWAY!  I DID IT!  

SPREAD THE WORD - NO MEDICATIONS USED, though, you have to be strong-willed!

I still have a tiny bit of infection, so I guess, the fight is not over yet.  I still have some doubts, I need to discuss with my husband tonight, as he is very wise.

Meanwhile, I put my concoction on my teeth, as I should every morning and night, and added 1 drop of Wintergreen (yes, I altered the mixture of oils this time to include Cinnamon, I think. )  

I like to use Cinnamon ( a tiny bit, mixed with Myrrh - hot + soothing.

When I used essential oils for my teeth, I did not analyze their chemical constituents, though, in my mind, I already knew what was in Thieves.  My other criteria was - I used what I had on hand.

Touching my gums - they are just sore from all I did.  Some people would have just used the oils internally.  

To my health, and yours!!!


Health Essentials LLC.

In retrospect, I would add NingXia Nitro to give me more energy.  There is also a blend called En-R-Gee, which I should use.

I don't have anymore problems with my teeth, as I use essential oils blend I created for myself daily.  I create a different blend every time, but primarily I put coconut oil mixed with Wintergreen, Melaleuca Alternifolia and Grapefruit or something close to it.  I put it on the gums of my lower jaw, and wait a while, then swallow.  That's it!

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