Saturday, November 22, 2014

Do You Refuse Hospitality? Happy Mother's Day!


Recently, I had the most wonderful experience - being invited to lunch with a Lubavitche family I never met before!

I happened to be in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, NY for the first time in my life.  In the past, I heard about racial unrest in the area, so I never visited.

What a big mistake!  It's like being scared to visit Israel after hearing the stories about terrorist attacks there.  My cousin, who lives there, tells me, it's safe there even at night.  

As I was walking in Crown Heights, I was astonished by the architectural beauty of many homes, observed Jewish young men briskly walking, happily singing Jewish songs, women and children dressed in stylish and beautiful dresses - it was like a different world - colorful, happy, warm, and loving!

And this is when the miracle happened - I got included in this paradise!!!!!!!

I stopped to share my amazement with the Jewish man, who was sunning himself on a bench near the subway station.  Our chat lasted over an hour!  In the middle of our conversation, the man invited me to lunch to his mother-in-law's!

My initial reaction was disbelief, which then changed to "should I?", which finally was adamantly decided for me by my new hospitable acquaintance - I went to lunch to a Lubavitcher home - a dream come true!

I can not even remember the last time I got together with my family - my parents are gone, most of my family lives in Israel, some in Ukraine, Australia, Germany - all over the world.

I cherished every moment of this memorable lunch - I felt being home, and being with my family!  One of the teenage grandchildren demonstrated his skill solving  the Rubik's cube in 24 seconds, the son from Australia sang Yiddish and  Hebrew songs with powerful or gentle voice (depending on the song)!   In fact, that day he performed in front of 4,000 people!  Was I lucky or what?  I love Jewish songs!!!  There were jokes, good food, interesting conversation...

I was even presented with a book, written by the mother-in-law herself, who is known as a "miracle" lady for her collection of the stories about the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

And of course, the dinner was sumptuous and tasty - there were 12 of us!    And guess what - I tried and ate most of the dishes - clean, freshly prepared meal!

So my toast today is to mothers, who are a center-hold and never vanishing light! 


I have noticed a profound transformation in me this past year - I see more good in people, and am more accepting of their imperfection.    In fact, my initial perception of people has always been positive, which is why I easily get "surprised" by "unexpected" behaviors.  Therefore, pleasant "surprises" are so rewarding for me.

To your health!


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