Saturday, November 8, 2014

Hear the Silence

Many of my friends remember what I went through with my son.

Watching "Hear the Silence" film stirred up a lot of memories in me: three long trying years of struggles to find a cure for my son.

He had a hard time breathing, and missed many days of school - up to 3 months at one time

I was determined not to go the conventional way of giving steroidal medications to my son for life.  

We've done Buteyko breathing method, visited numerous time holistic chiropractor and  Jin Shin energy and connective tissue therapist, altered his nutrition, took numerous supplements from Whole Foods, and other doctors supposedly higher in quality to help his "allergy to dust mites", did high class homeopathy with Savely Yurkovsky, MD to detox my son of vaccines and mercury...  

Thousands of dollars, lost hopes... Nothing helped!  But I was not going to stop until I helped my son.

And finally, 3 years after sleepless nights, family arguments over holistic vs. main-stream medicine (just like in this film), I found what I was looking for!  

Therapeutic grade essential oils!  I tried essential oils previously, but they were low quality, and did not help.  Using Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils a proper way made all the difference.  

It was a lot of work: I did Vitaflex, Raindrop, enemas, capsules, supporting healthy function of kidneys, liver, lymph, and diffusing as I described in Allergies, Sinus and Asthma.  It was all paid off by the long-awaited result - my son lungs cleared of mucus overnight!  He used up a whole box of tissues, blowing his nose through the night, but by the morning he was breathing fine.  I will never forget how he told me the following day, as he ran outside: "Mom, it is so great to be able to breath normally again!"  

Now, almost a year later, of not so many days of missed school, it feels almost like it happened in a dream...

What is my suggestion for autism?  No vaccines, obviously.  There are homeopathic vaccines /nosodes, which can be successfully used instead of the toxic shots.  

Supporting healthy liver, kidneys, colon, and lymph, healthy brain function, dealing with emotional issues, and improving immune system - I have used therapeutic grade essential oils for my family and others time and time again.

To your health!


 Health Essentials LLC.

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