Friday, November 21, 2014

Physical problems inherited from our parent's toxic thoughts


Sometime ago, while helping someone with their emotional/physical problem, a thought hit me - my own eyes problem since I was a week old were from my mom's stressful situation.  She did not want to see (accept) what was going on in her own life - I got the problem with my vision.

Now, as I turned the pages of Karol Truman's "Feelings Buried Alive Never Die...", I found a scientific proof for my observation:

"Every feeling, every thought - every emotion we experience sends a message to each cell in our body.

According to Barbara Ann Brennan, physicist, therapist, healer, research scientist at NASA and author of Hands Of Light, ... the creation or manifestation of disease takes place when a concept or belief is transmitted from the mental, emotional, or other areas of our Be-ing, into the physical energy field.
... How does this relate to the feeling of the parents affecting an unborn child?... The sperm is a cell and the ova (egg) is a cell.  Thousands of DNA steps make up a single gene housed in that cell, ... feelings that Mom and Dad are individually and collectively experiencing at conception and during gestation, ...  The fetus, then senses what is taking place in the parents lives and is dramatically affected by the feelings and thoughts of the parents at this particular time.  

Dr.Deepak Chopra, M.D., in his book, Quantum Healing, puts it this way:

There is a mind-body connection to the DNA.

You may not think that you can "talk" to your DNA, but in fact you do continually.  Thinking happens at the level of DNA, BECAUSE WITHOUT THE BRAIN CELL SENDING OUT A NEURO-PEPTIDE OR OTHER MESSENGERS, THERE CAN BE NO THOUGHT....

Everything in life pours out of DNA - flesh, bones, blood, heart, and nervous system, a baby's first word and a toddler's first step...

The message response from these feelings/thoughts (emotions) that was sent to the cells of the body is registered in the DNA of the cell.

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