Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thoughts about Ann Wigmore school in Puerto Rico and raw living foods

My dear friends,

Most people who come home from Puerto Rico, share nice rocks and shells they bring home (which I did bring).  In my case - I shared with my husband what kind of enema I used at Ann Wigmore school of living foods.

My experience there was nothing short of amazing!  I loved every single moment - learning the wisdom of  living foods from Lalita, the follower of Ann Wigmore's teachings, having healthy meals every day, using wheat grass juice, doing enemas, breathing fresh air, walking and running on the beach, and swimming in the clear ocean water, having classes in the open air, meeting interesting classmates...

Lalita's lectures refreshed in my mind so many key concepts about the raw living foods - easy to digest, full of energy and live nutrition, rejuvenation, and tasty.  

TIME TO CHANGE AGAIN!!!  Back to sprouting and growing my own food...

The most important concept I learnt first hand at the institute is total transformation of the mind/body - with the  unhealthy body cells I lost, went away heavy emotions stored in me (and multiplied) for over 12 years!

Soon after coming home, I had a dream, which reminded me of suffering of my mother.  Yes, it was 12 years ago, but the memories stirred a lot of painful emotions.  I cried them all out, using my trusted Trauma Life and Release essential oils blends.  

Am I a convert?  YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!!!

Reflecting back on all the speeches at the grad ceremony, I realize that I felt at the Ann Wigmore school like being home: the little foot stool in the bathroom was there, and even the slant board...            Hugging and kissing Lalita made me feel like having my warm, giving and intelligent grandma back,  which was a loooooong time ago...

Here is my graduation:

Have a sunny day!

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