Saturday, November 1, 2014

To Gary Young


I have attended seminars by Young Living where I always enjoyed hearing testimonials by people who were helped by Young Living products.  

A seminar on Long Island in 2012 was especially memorable   - a line of people with questions and just to thank Gary Young formed after his lecture.  Some people even cried, being grateful to Gary.  He stayed to answer everybody's questions, until Marriott kicked us out to clean the auditorium for the next day.

At the last Secrets to Success seminar,  people came to give Gary a hug during the break - I wish I took a picture.

Obviously, the one who knows Gary best is his wife, Mary.  She summarized his education and achievements in her concise article "About the Author, D.Gary Young, N.D." at the end of the book written by Gary Young, The Gift.

For more information about Gary Young and his company, please visit:

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