Saturday, November 8, 2014

What You Do For Others Comes Back To You

Amazing, but this post got +22,992 in my non-FDA approved blog I put together on 5/13/14.


It is great receiving the gifts of love, reciprocated.  

This morning, I made wheat grass juice for my better half, and naturally, I had some.  The juice tasted better than ever!  (and the lunch I make for him tastes better than the store-bought for him too!)

There are times, my true friends remind me to take essential oils for my emotions - just at the time when I am not thinking straight.

Yet, at other times, I learn and accumulate experience while sharing my knowledge with others.

Life is all about love and sharing!  Remember:  the thought precedes the form!

I still get surprised when people don't even drop a short "thank you" for the info I share, or oils I give them.  

What is also very unpleasant is the people are dishonest with me when they want to ask me a question about the therapeutic grade essential oils, afraid that, if they're already joined the group, I would not share my knowledge.  Just look at my web site - all the info is there!  I share, because there were times, I did not know what to do, and who to turn to, and wasted thousands of dollars.

I care about people - that's why I share.  I don't want anyone being in pain or suffering.  As simple as that!

I guess, we are all learning...


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