Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Flying and high altitude essentials - my travels to Telluride, Colorado


This time, instead of our planned trip to warm Costa Rica, I ended up on snowy slopes of authentic Telluride, Colorado.

Telluride is a place for many transplants, young and old.  And I could see why.  The panoramic view of snow-covered mountains lit by the sun, as you ski or take a gondola, is breath-taking.  The place is very dog-friendly - dogs are even allowed in the food stores.  People are friendly and happy here; in fact, it felt like being part of a off college-campus community.

Outdoors ice skating was very enjoyable for me, as there were only maybe 6 more people besides us.  We did downhill skiing, which my son enjoyed the most, going 45 mph in some places.  We also went cross-country skiing.  You should have seen my son: carrying his iphone in one hand, and both ski poles in the other, and eventually, affixing his iphone to his snowsuit, to enjoy the music.

Snowshoeing through densely-wooded and open areas was a treat for us.  However, being  at a very high altitude was a trial for me - I had a hard time moving fast.  My husband told me later that I was very pale and he was concerned about me.  I wish I had my NingXia Nitro ™.  Instead, I licked and smelled Peppermint and Clove, trying to increase the oxygen to my body.  And that helped somewhat.  

The altitude played tricks on me from the very day we arrived.  I got a splitting headache, so painful, I don't remember the last time I felt so bad for such a long period.  Luckily, as I always do, I brought a ton of essential oils, capsules and my savior, NingXia Nitro ™.  Different oils were helpful, especially Lavender.  However, NingXia Nitro ™. worked amazing, as usual, giving me relief.

Unfortunately, I didn't bring enough of NingXia Nitro ™. with me, and my order of it never made it to Telluride...  So, I had to improvise with what I had.  However, my brain was not working at full capacity on reduced amount of oxygen.  I finally realized that I needed BrainPower, Longevity capsules, Cypress, Laurus Nobilus for circulation, and En-R-Gee.  I felt, my breathing was better that day (I had a hard time breathing at Telluride, catching myself trying to calm my breathing, and getting dizzy for a few seconds here and there.)

All in all - I did it!!!  

My husband lived his dreams, my son was least effected by the altitude and enjoyed downhill and ice skating, and I survived, and even remembered how to parallel ski downhill. 

I just wish, it did not cost so much money.  But this is what my husband wanted to do, and I am happy he enjoyed it.

Which oils did I use for the flight?  Valor, Peace & Calming for the fear of flying, and Peppermint not to get nausea.  

BTW, my luck, there was a lady next to me on the airplane, who had a coat saturated in moth balls, and sick (no wonder!)  I bet that didn't help me, even though I tried Purification™, Deep Relief™, Lavender, and Thieves.  However, THE SOURCE of the smell got up only once during the entire flight, and was wheeled from the airplane at the end of the flight.  There was one positive memory from sitting next to that lady, though - she used Hand Reflexology to stay calm, when we experienced air pockets.

Did I bring any essential oils for first aid, digestion, immune system support and so on?  

You betcha!

Netflix movies and checking the weather....

Love, Always!

Health Essentials LLC.

P.S.  Of course, as we can't bring our dog with us, our every trip begins with my food preparation for my dog Pepper

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