Saturday, December 20, 2014

The highest reward


What is the highest reward a matriarch (me) of the family can get?

A comment from my husband this morning (not a thank you, but who cares?): "we need to figure out which of those oils worked so well for me last night.  I feel so good today."  (usually, he would not feel well for a few days, even Excedrin being not too effective).

My husband was dealing with a stressful situation yesterday, and as you all know, stress is a killer.  I wish we applied a calming essential oil on him, while he was stressing out, to avoid the painful consequences.  Next time, I hope.

One of my favorite essential oils for stress and balancing the endocrine system is Endoflex - I can't say enough, how great it works in every situation.  Its secret might be a fact that this blend  has Rose essential oil, the highest vibrational essential oil.

I also used Deep Relief, Lavender and Peace and Calming on him last night.  Plus a hot water bottle.  Knocked him out for a long well-needed good-night rest!

So, say good bye to dreaded Excedrin!!!

My husband's favorite products for digestion?  Comfortone (has a bowel movement in 4 hours), Essentialzymes-4, Life 5  (probiotics), and good-old fresh aloe gel.

My husband is my willing guinea pig - he was the first one to try the old 5-day nutritive cleanse!

My husband's eating habits are very far from perfect.  And neither are mine so far.  Until  he changes, this is what I have to do to continue smiling.


Na Zdorov'e!!!  (To Health!)


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