Thursday, January 22, 2015

Be Your Own Healer

Over the years, I accumulated many emotional wounds in my body, which turned into physical pain. 

After my mother died in extreme inhumane pain, I suffered immensely for years - I could not sleep at nights, seeing her distorted face in the dark, I did not smile, I was getting physical problems with my shoulders (shoulder blade out of place) and arm, I could not touch my stomach in a few places without feeling excruciating physical pain and recalling my mother's suffering. After my father died, I started getting frequent stomach twists, painful to the point of not being able to eat (obviously). I even had a very painful ulcer at one point.

Why was I getting pain and a twisted stomach? Every time an emotional event occurred, my body reacted by tightening and locking in the trauma.

And I had my fair share of pain: I blamed myself for "rescuing" my mother after she heroically attempted a suicide, I felt I did not do enough for my father, unable to face him dying in my home. My girlfriend jumped off a high rise building in Manhattan - I felt it was my fault. I always blamed myself for everything, never comprehending the real cause of these events, and never looking for forgiveness.
I restored my health, and the health of my family members from many of my physical problems by using natural remedies and therapies. Much later I learnt how to release emotional pain.

I found the cure for myself when I started looking for cure for someone most dearest to me. 

It took me three trying years.

Looking for a cure, I learnt and understood a lot. 

1. I observed that diseases of my family and friends all started at the emotional level: my mother felt she did not deserve to live and had to be severely punished, my girlfriend felt unloved, I always chastised myself...
2. I was not going to follow in their footsteps - I needed to raise my son. I wanted to look good for him and help him grow.

I was lucky to start caring for our newly adopted dog Pepper, who had everything wrong with her from heart to kidneys. It was not easy, and I did not recognize the healing effect on me right away. Pepper came into my life after we lost our beautiful dog Rainbow - she died in my arms about a year before we got Pepper, and I did not feel I could handle another sick dog dying on me. 

For a whole year I tensed up in fear, every time I thought Pepper was going to die on me. Then I realized that I could have enjoyed her instead. Pepper helped me heal my sense of guilt for feeding Rainbow grapes and some molded cheese, which I thought were good for her.

My other big health problem I had unrecognized for years was Candida, which I had all my life. I started to look for a cure. I tried supplements, change of diet.... It was all good and I learnt a lot. 

It was not easy for me to make the changes, but I guess I just never give up. 

Initially, I received a lot of criticism from my own family. However, as they saw and experienced the benefits of being healed, they "got converted".

We can reverse what we do to ourselves and get well. I have seen people do it, and feel proud of their achievement. Instead of experiencing fear and blocking the body's signals, telling us where the problems are, I Believe In Being Well, Smiling, and Looking Forward to The Next Day When I'll Be Balanced Again.

Be Your Own Healer is a title of a book by Ann Wigmore, the founder of the Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston, who was presented with a Recognition Award for work in the field of Youthfulness and for Efforts in Regeneration of Human Cells and Tissues, in 1971. 

Ann Wigmore and many others around the world have cured themselves of cancer and other diseases without using medications.

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