Friday, January 2, 2015

Do Not Underestimate The Power Of Joy


We know that emotions direct our lives/health.  Emotions, which get stored in many parts of our body.

Bruce Lipton advises us to use positive emotions to have healthier lives.

This is exactly what I did this time (finally, unfortunately not right away), after I got fed up with my stomach "telling me what to do."  Not that "He" was wrong - I did abuse it, and not one time, being upset, overeating, combining the wrong foods, eating the wrong stuff, and so on.  So he had every right to let me know by sending pain my way, and even twisting. 

I have used Deep Relief for pain, Helichrysum and Myrrh internally for inflammation, ON and ON.  FINALLY, I REMEMBERED about my emotions, and dropped JOY blend on it.  I had to be pain-free - it was my birthday, and I wanted to enjoy it.

And guess what - IT WORKED!!!  My stomach gave in and stopped hurting!

What is the vibration of Joy?  188 Mhz - IT IS ONE OF THE HIGHEST VIBRATING BLENDS!!!  


From now on, I should wear it every day!  Why not be joyful?!

Do you remember the "every day protocol?"  Precisely!

To my health, and yours!!!


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