Thursday, January 1, 2015

Drink For Your Health and Energy

My dear friends,

I keep on watching you struggle with digestion, losing weight, hydration, low energy, etc.

Some of you go to nutritionists, psychologists, and other "... gists".

Do I sound sarcastic?  Maybe, as I have gone that route myself before.

Not anymore!

I'll share with you what I do, when I am good to myself.

For example, today, I had my champagne - a glass of water with raw apple cider vinegar, fresh lemon, and Slique Essence (2 drops).   It felt so refreshing that I felt like drinking it twice.  

Benefits?  Numerous!  (follow the link above)

Here is a delicious energy pick me:  NingXia Nitro.

I had great energy boost after drinking NingXia Nitro a few times, when I really needed it: at Young Living Beauty school in Utah (slept only for about 3 hours each day), and 2014 Halloween parade.  When watching the Halloween parade,  I had no water or food in my mouth since 3 pm until I got home, at 10:45 pm, except for a few tubes of Slique Essence.  Got home, and didn't go to bed until almost 2 pm.  Got up at 5 am the following day, full of energy. 

I also drink wheat grass juice and enjoy green juices, though I do not make them every day, unfortunately.

I made videos to share with you:  Making Wheat Grass Juice,  Making Green Juices

To Health!!!

  Rev. Eugeniya

Health Essentials LLC.

Young Living member#: 1128387

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