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Feelings Buried Alive Never Die… by Karol K.Truman


Have you read Feelings Buried Alive Never Die… by Karol K.Truman?  You must get it. 

Watch this video before you continue reading my note:

Parents, please make sure to read what’s in red at the bottom of this note.

You already know that all our physical issues are caused by our mind.  If you like to argue this point, why then do you get a problem in one organ & not another, one ailment & not the other?

The most important thing is to let go of negative  feelings buried inside.

I am very much in touch with my buried feelings – when I touch my stomach in 2 places, it hurts really badly – I clearly get a memory of the events that caused this pain.  In fact, years ago I went for a Jin Shin body work after my mom’s passing away, I think a year or 2 passed since her death then.  I felt unhappy, tormented by memories of her suffering & unable to forgive myself for stopping her suicidal attempt.  I  haven’t smiled, to say the least.  After the session with the therapist my neck totally stopped hurting; I cried out a ton & came out smiling and happy.

I also learned to forgive myself, because I never intent to hurt anyone.  In fact, I get hurt by learning of someone’s suffering & always want to help.

Back to the book.

“all of this happens on a subconscious level… In order to get what we think we desire, it is necessary that we change the feeling so that the feeling corresponds with the thinking, resulting in single-midedness.”

The script: … With total forgiveness and unconditional love, I allow every physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual problem, and inappropriate behaviour based on the negative origin recorded in my DNA, to transform.

I choose being   ……………….
I feel   ………………….
I am …………………..”

I looked up Diabetes – it exactly described what my mother felt (she got it early in life) & my mother-in-law’s personality (she got it later in life)..

Back problems: feeling no support; can’t cope with emotional difficulties; wanting someone to “get off my back”, etc.
Pancreas: feelings of judgment; feelings of guilt; low self-esteem; suppressing laghter; incorrect use of ego; feels the joy of living is gone/not allowing joy; ashamed of something you have done

Migraine headaches: unable to flow easily with life; want to take things at own pace; dislikes being pushed; inability to handle pressure or stress for long periods; pushing to control; wants to control

I read about my over-eating – 100% correct, and I know it – tension, feeling of material-emotional lack, craving closeness; putting on emotional armor; a symbol of power & desire to throw one’s weight around; emotional energy based on anger & resentment

Stomach Problems: unhappy feelings; lack of affection; fears new ideas; our sense of security feels threatened; condemning the success of other people

Throat: feelings of anger that have been restrained; strong critical words have been spoken; swallowed emotional hurts; not having your own way; feelings of confusion; lack of discernment; knowledge used unwisely

Shoulders: bearing burden that don’t belong to you, lacking in courage, etc.
Hunched & sloped: feels life is a tough struggle

Sickle cell anemia:  feelings of inferiority

Vomiting: rejecting the visualization of what you don’t want to accept; feelings of disgust;  wanting to get rid of these emotions

Wrists: holding onto outmoded beliefs about life and self; imbalanced in giving or receiving/doing “overs” on one or the other

Yeast Infections:  deep and unresolved resentments; lack of self love; inability to claim ones own power; unable to love & support the self; unable to accept the self; not recognizing own needs

Varicose Veins: pronounced tension; wanting to run away; feelings of discouragement; feelings of negativity & resistance; feeling overburdened

Tonsills :  tense will; repressed fear or anger; irritation at someone or something; not getting own way

Thyroid: conflict between the conscious & the subconscious; lack of love for self; fears self-expression; deep sense of frustration/anxiety; lack of discernment

Pink-Eye: feeling of frustration; feelings of anger at present situation; wanting to obscure what is going on around you

Parkinson’s Disease: not understanding a fear you have, which stops you from believing in what you do and say; lack of inner communication; wanting full control; fears not being able to control

Peptic Ulcer: feels a lack of self-worth; feels responsible for pleasing everyone

Pain: repressed anger & frustration; in a relationship that hurts; feelings of guilt; indicating that something is imbalanced

Shingles: fear things won’t work out the way you want; over-sensitive; on-going tension concerning a situation; hostile energy being manifest; Lack of inner peace; recurring problem of unworthiness

Rash: being irritated by something or someone; unable to flow with life

Respiratory problems: not feeling approval; lack of love; fears living life to the fullest

Senility: longing to return to security of by-gone years; wanting to control those around you; not willing to change your life, etc.

Swelling: holding onto negative feelings

Hips: fears making major decisions; has nothing to look forward to; lack of emotional & physical self-support
Hip joint: Not wanting to accept present experiences; non-acceptance of physical experiences

Overweight: feelings of insecurity, feelings of self-rejection; wanting to protect the body; seeking love & fulfillment; attempting to fulfill the self; feelings are being stuffed inside; unexpressed, mis-perceived & inappropriate feelings

Asthma: reliving childhood fears; chronic anxiety & fear; wanting to pretest, but unable; feeling dominated by a parent; not satisfied with yourself
Allergies: suppressed weeping; feelings that don’t seem to have an answer to change; fear of sharing feelings with people; denying own power, etc.
Bronchitis: extreme disharmony in the home (a baby always feels the disharmony is their fault); wanting to be able to change things, but can’t; wanting to be in charge, but can’t

Autoimmune System: laughing on the outside, but crying on the inside; feels totally helpless; have given up; deep seeded/seated grief

Arthritis: Severely criticizing self or others; holding onto feelings of hostility; depression endured over long periods of time; rigid in thinking & feelings; inflexibility, etc.

Just remember, things out there do not cause your problems.  All the reasons for the problems in your life can be found within yourself.

When parents accept each of their children the way they are, consistently validating their feelings – teaching them with love and patience, helping them understand what appropriate and inappropriate feelings are without judging, and then assist them in shifting their fear-based (inappropriate) feelings to love-based (appropriate) feelings by using the Script, these children will have a much better opportunity to progress through life with more confidence and higher self-esteem.  These children will also be more mature and have a deeper sense of inner peace.  They will be able to better identify with the world around them due to a healthier understanding of their feelings.

Children learn very fast and are usually more willing to respond to true principles and change than adults.  However, if they decline, don’t push them.  They deserve free choice in the matter.

When parents condemn or ridicule a child for his feelings, he becomes very confused.  A child views his parents as knowing everything and always being right.  So, he thinks something must be wrong with him – that he does not know what he is feeling.  When this happens over and over, the child starts to doubt himself.  When the self-doubt is consistently reinforced, eventually, he will turn his feelings off, because emo tionally it is too paingful to be unsure of himself and his feelings on a continual basis… He may turn to outside stimulus for comfort, or try to be validated by his peers, often succumbing to peer pressure.  The child’s feelings of valuable self-worth, self-respect and high self-esteem-which most human beings yearn to feel-are,sadly, a long time in coming, if ever.

When a child expresses anger, hate… let him feel what he feels without making a judgment about it or shaming him.  Validate him and what he is feeling by verbalizing back to him what you think he is saying.  When a child is shamed he gets the message that he is defective, flawed, or always making mistakes.  This created unnecessary and unfounded guilt in the child.  Unfounded guilt can sabotage a child’s healthy emotional growth, undermine his sense of self-worth, and create scars that become deeply embedded in his soul, perhaps lasting a lifetime.  His blueprint becomes sadly distorted, and aspects of his false-self emerge.
If you see when some improvement needs to take place with a child, all that is necessary to assist the child in responding positively to your suggestions is to talk with him in a calm, loving, supportive manner, validating what he is feeling..  Help him understand that it’s what he does with these feelings that determines whether he experiences a negative (unhappy) or positive(happy) outcome.

If a child is experiencing a negative feeling, suggest to him .. he would like to look at the negative feeling in a new way.  Ask him if he would like to substitute the way he is feeling now, at the moment, with a more comfortable, peaceful feeling?  .. have him sit down, relax and close his eyes.  Have him repeat in his mind what you say.  At this point, go through the Script stating at the appropriate place the negative feeling he identified earlier.  Then at the appropriate place toward the end of the Script, substitute the negative feeling with a positive feeling.  You will be amazed at the calm, happy child they become.

Good luck!  Let’s change for the better!

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To Health!!!

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