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Gary Young seminar on Long Island, NY, February 2012


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Thursday, April 11, 2013


I was browsing through my old E-mails I used to send you, and found this valuable information from the seminar by Gary Young I attended on Long Island.

It has invaluable information about Slique products.

I've been using Slique Essence a lot lately for Candida control (I ran out of Melaleuca Alternifolia and Thieves!).  I simply add Slique Essence to my drink (fresh squeezed lemon and some raw apple cider in water).  

Today I finally got my courage, and added 2 drops Slique Essence  to my smoothie.

What a pleasant surprise!  Slique Essence  gave my smoothie a zing.

Following are my notes from the seminar.



To being healthy!


Health Essentials LLC.

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My silent class,

Here are more notes on Gary Young’s seminar.

1.000 people  attended this seminar.  Gary gave another seminar in NY State, in a town above Syracuse – 900 people attended.

Slique Tea

Gary went to China to study Oolong tea.  There are 17 grades of Oolong tea. 

Jade Oolong :

  • Liver cleanser & regenerator (vs. coffee which is toxic to the liver)
  • Grows at 10,000 feet elevation
  • Some of the Chinese people who picked the tea at the tea farm were in their 80’s.  They all drank the Oolong tea & had as much energy as the 20-year old.  You don’t get fat by working at the farm, but rather sitting on a couch & flipping TV channels

A little history

Camel carriers burnt Frankincense resin in tents to cleanse & stimulate themselves (Frankincense gave more energy for a long trip),  and chewed on Frankincense to suppress appetite.  

Frankincense is in Slique tea.

Balsam and Myrrh were worth 10 times more than gold.

Only Young Living has Sacred Frankincense.

Components in Slique tea:

  • Ocotea – amazing oil for lowering sugar in your blood, healing stomach (1 drop works wonders for me!), etc.
  • Vanilla Essential oil, which only YL has

Drinking the tea: balances metabolism

For O-type – drink ½ hour before meal
A-type – 15 minutes before meal
drink Slique tea after the meal to build muscle

Cacao bean & chocolate are 2 different things: raw cacao is healthy for you.
  • YL cacao is the only one in the world that is tested; it has vitamin C (not destroyed)  - in Slique tea

Slique Essence oil
  • Take 2 drops under your tongue – don’t need to have lunch

·         Put 2 drops in NingXia Red – so delicious!

  • 6 drops in water bottle

·        Burn
·        Balance
·        Build
  • 2 kits available: vegetarian & non-
It’s a 30-day package

Gary does not drink any other tea.  The tea cleanses liver to help metabolism.

Jade oolong has caffeine in it

Pour the hot water in your cup, do that 3 times, then put your tea bag in. water has to be over 180%
The caffeine flashes off. So if you do that to your slique tea, there won’t be the caffeine.

If Gary’s kids eat something that other kids eat in school, Gary/Mary put Yukon syrup

Gary’s ice cream recipe:

1/3 maple syrup or 2/3 Yukon syrup
Raw goat milk
Vanilla yogurt
2 cups of ice
12 drops of Slique essence

Next, Dr.Christi Bonds-Garret, M.D., physician, hormonal health, Paducah, Kentucky spoke.

I will try to get you the “photo-clips” from her and others’ presentation.  So don’t pay such a close attention to my notes on Dr.Garret.
She is a very knowledgeable & experienced doctor, as well as she seemed very “approachable”.  Her presentation was very technical & in-depth.

The doctor of the future will be oneself” Schweitzer, M.D.

Spring time – time for cleanse with Slique – check Dr.Young’s liver cleanse protocol – pg.408 -412 of EDR
Pg. 400-401
  • Hormones are made in liver
  • Energetic liver cleansing

  • Veritable Fields (electromagnetic, visible)

  • Subtle Energ. Fields (aura, connected to the NECs centers, chakras, porta (connects fields to physical body)

  • Etheric – around your body fields – extends

    • 3rd chakra – extends 8” – heart’s field
    • Astral
    • Emotion – 8”
    • Mental – 20’’

Emotions are stored in every cell. 

Mary Young is an opera singer.

Each frequency has an equivalent Harmony & Overtones

“Feelings buried alive never dye” by Karol Truman

When we repress emotions – dis-ease sets in, stored at DNA level.

“Kitchen table wisdom” by Rachel Remen:  “Illness is a western form of meditaion”

How to release emotions
·       600 trillion GB of memory cells
·       100 trillion cells, therefore
o   6 GB memory in each cell

·       State of our emotions effects our getting sick

·       Viruses use the same receptors to enter the cells as our emotions

·       When we’re happy, the receptors  are blocked to viruses trying to enter our cells!

Let me leave you on a ”happy note” – I’ll send you more notes later.  Remember, I am giving you a gift of the whole day presentation by Gary Young and his team.

Your Guiding Star 

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