Monday, January 5, 2015

Your digestive system constitutes 70% of the immune system

My dear friends,

My husband often asks me why it is so important to take care of your colon and    digestion, when he has a cold,  sinus, or any other imbalance.

A simple answer is 


  • there are more nerves in your stomach than in your head, (your stomach is your second brain) 
  • ten times as much bacteria than cells in your whole body 
  • your digestive system constitutes 70% of the immune system 

Your intestines are folded and bent, and have 2 valves on each side.  If they're not closed properly, guess what happens to your whole body: your lungs, your blood, immune system, and so on?  (It happened to me!)

Poor lungs and esophagus have to endure the stomach acid, which is meant for the strong intestinal membranes.  Bad bacteria (Candida is one of them) proliferate other organs.  

When the colon/intestines is congested with putrefying, bad smelling food,  where bad bacteria and fungus naturally proliferate, where do you think it all goes?  

 BLOOD  --->        EVERY-  
STREAM            WHERE
                           IN YOUR

ALL THE TOXINS, BAD BACTERIA, AND FUNGUS, and even undigested food in some, end up in your brain, your eyes, hair, heart, and so on.

In fact, by a very early age, our colon's shape changes from what it should be.  It is congested, does not function properly, and presses on other organs.

So then, why take antibiotics and other medications, instead of cleansing, changing diet, and assisting your body in healthy cells regeneration?  Your body is trying to burn what it does not need (INFLAMMATION).  WHY NOT HELP IT?!!

When you take a medication to suppress the inflammation, where do the toxins go?  They stay in your body, adding toxicity, insult to your body, and weakening your immune system, destroying your intestinal flora, and clogging your receptor sites.

What do I do to feel good?    That's a better question - enough being negative.  I did not know all of this many years ago myself.  And I am still far from perfect.  

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Do we clean our house, dishes, clothes, cars?  Then, what about ourselves???

We need to take care of ourselves and our children!  

Better late than never, right?

To being healthy!


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