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Mending Broken Ribs

Ever had broken ribs?  Speaking from personal experience, it is very little fun.

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This is my second time.  The first time, I fell on a sharp pointy rock, while hiking with my family.  I was determined to finish up the hike, however, though it cost me a lot of pain.  Though, not the kind of pain you get after C-section, without medications (your truly!).

This time, someone much bigger than I, with strong arms and excited heart, gave me a bear hug.
The "bear" heard a cracking sound, while I thought, I was going to dye from a broken heart, as my ribs seemed to have gone into my heart from side and bottom.  

For the next few days, I almost cried from pain at times, could not take deep breath, and had to hold my ribs from both sides, if I coughed.  If I did not - it hurt really bad.  If I made a wrong move, the ribs shifted, causing a lot of pain, until I put them back in place.

I was not home - in Puerto Rico, at Ann Wigmore Institute of living foods, but I did have a few essential oils on me, so I improvised with what I had.  Additionally, someone gave me Valor!  I made sure to swim every day, and have my ribs in place (not that I had much choice, or else, the pain was excruciating!)

I want to share with you what helped me then, and now.  Nothing beats personal experience, right?

In Puerto Rico, I used ValorPurificationThievesLavender and Peppermint (in that sequence).

Now, I use Deep Relief, saturating the wound.  This is a great blend, as it has so many oils to maintain healthy  ligaments, cartilage, and support cleansing.  It helps me do the stretching to make sure I heal properly.

When I feel Deep Relief is not enough, I do Valor, Palo Santo, and Wintergreen.

At night, after taking a loooong bath (I always fall asleep!) with Cypress and Thieves , I "go to town" with my oils: I start with Valor (on my feet and shoulders too), followed by AromaSiez, LemongrassPanAway, Deep Relief, Wintergreen.  Plus, this time, I am using AromaLife around my heart - I needed this blend for a loooooong time...  

If you don't have the oils I have, don't get upset.  Remember, that every therapeutic grade essential oil has many healing properties, so use what you have, if you need to.

The other day, I shoveled heavy snow.  It hurt, but I still did it, putting a theory of mind over matter to test.  The following day, I realized how much damage I did to my ribs, as the front rib started hurting again.  In fact, when I took my dog for a walk in the morning, I almost started crying, as the pain was making me noxious.  

Well, I did not cry, telling myself and my dog, that I better hurry up home and put oils on.  

My saviors!  A few seconds after I put Deep Relief on, I felt like a human being again!  (Thank  you, Marc Schreuder! for creating this blend).    I felt pleasant slightly burning sensation, the noxious feeling was gone (my son noticed the smell of Peppermint!)

Another essential oil I did not mention, is balsam fir - I have it, but need to experiment more with.

Just got Lavender this morning, and tried it alone - worked pretty well!  My ribs progressed a lot within the last few days - I can cough without pain!  I just did 3 pull ups this morning!  (that's about 3 days after I shoveled!)

I should have used oils every 1/2 hour to get a more effective recovery - maybe, I'll try it today.  Of course, it would have been better, if I did it right away...

Last night, I did Raindrop sequence on my ribs (Valor, Thyme, Oregano, Basil, Wintergreen, Marjoram, Cypress, and Peppermint), after hurting myself again that morning, so the ribs felt kind of out of place and hurting again.  I did some stretching, but the pain was still there.  

I have no pain now, 9 hours later.  In fact, the pain now, after 2 weeks, is like from a bruise when I breathe - not that painful anymore.  I move around - do yoga, stretching, sweep the snow, lift things, and do my sprouting.  Completely (almost) functional!  Though, I am not shoveling again, until I am much better.

So, to sum up - Deep Relief works within a few minutes for me, and I am pretty comfortable for almost 12 , sometimes 24 hours.  I bet, if I were in more pain, I would have used oils and better nutrition more often, and therefore recuperated faster.

Update: have done Raindrop for 2 night now - the 2nd time in the morning there was hardly any pain when stretching!  That's pretty good, considering, I shoveled to get some soil from under the snow, to make a compost!   (No, I am not crazy - I feel that, it might heal better, if I move around more.  When I had my dislocated shoulder blade, I cut our bushes.)   The second time, before putting the oils, I took a looooong bath with Balsam Fir and Tea tree. 

I listen to my pain - if it hurts, I put oils.  For example, I don't feel like putting hot oils anymore.  So, I just put Lavender, followed by Frankincense, and V6.  Feels good!

I could have slapped Copaiba at the end of whatever sequence, to magnify the healing effect 6 times.  But I did not - I guess, I am not that bad... being spoiled by the oils...

It's all relative.

When I broke my ribs years ago, I did not know about essential oils, and so it was an ordeal.  I used reflexology for pain and healing, meditation tapes to fall asleep and let go of pain, juicing, and homeopathic remedies - a lot of work.  Having essential oil working within minutes is amazingly helpful.

 I want to mention the importance of healing diet, exercise, fresh air and rest/sleep to aid healing.      

Raw living food nutrition, with emphases on healing foods, is the quickest way to a speedy recovery.  And don't forget to use reflexology and healing hands touch. 

For more information on pain relief, follow this link to my web site:

My physical therapy for today was biking to Whole Foods.  My ribs hurt somewhat - it was not easy to move the bike through snow in some sections.  But I survived!  I put Deep Relief when I was on the train, on the way to my piano lesson, and peacefully fell asleep...

February 2, 2014
I feel great!  I did not put any oils last night, as I fell asleep watching the Olimpics.  This morning, I feel a tiny pain when breathing hard to push my ribs.  Otherwise, I did some Yoga, then pull ups - nothing!  In fact, when I raise my arms, I have no pain breathing.  When I am flat on the floor, it still hurts.

Just wanted to summarize my improvement.

January 19,  - broken ribs;  did not do anything to heal, as I thought nothing of it
night time
               20   went to do Yoga in the morning.  By the time I was done, I was                                   almost in tears from pain, unable to even do the Child 
                      Pose; angry at the person who hurt me, but forgave her, as she did 
                      not mean to
          20-26  the whole week on raw living foods (Ann Wigmore), and therapeutic
                     grade essential oils; swimming, walking; lots of pain if making a 
                     wrong move; painful breathing, but managing the pain and 
                     healing with essential oils; happy, 
          27       had to log my luggage, 2 bags with 4 coconuts, another bag with a 
                     few pounds of seeds, and another bag all the way through the 
                     Kennedy airport to the parking lot!  Back to pain! 
         28        Unhappy, as I have to start the healing process from the beginning; 
                     forgot to take an essential oil for happiness; diet is raw and living 
                     foods; asked my husband not to feel sorry for me, as I felt my 
                     ribs hurting more
        29 - 2    doing great; applying essential oils once or twice a day; moving 
                     around; eating raw and living food, but going back to bad habits 
                     of eating not soaked nuts, and eating by the computer; overeating; 
                     shoveling snow
February 3   hurt myself again - shoveled heavy snow; the following day - 
                     wake up in pain; unhappy with myself
February 11 feel so much better; dug up some soil from under the snow the day 
                     before, went biking to the store, and gave piano lesson; did Yoga 
                     and 4 pull-ups this morning no pain!!!
one month    It's great to feel strong again!  Shoveling heavy snow (full shovel!) 
later             switching my arms - unloaded the whole pick up truck!  Does it hurt 
                     - a little.  I stretch every day, do the backward bridge stand, push 
                     ups and pull ups, and biked to the store yesterday (had to shovel 
                     the driveway first).

So, if you get hurt - keep in mind that you'll get better.  Listen to your pain to help yourself heal.  Don't feel sorry for yourself, or then it will hurt more (my mom used to tell me...)    
The first time I biked to Whole Foods, it was painful, I felt low on air (yak!), and I wanted some compassion - did not get it!  Great!!!   

To my health, and yours!


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P.S. Why do I describe it in such detail?  In case someone else gets hurt, and does not know what to do.  It could be me again - hopefully, not...

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