Saturday, April 11, 2015

Being Accepting

Here is my old post for Saturday, August 30, 2014 , which my blog subscribers enjoyed.

On my recent train ride, I observed a young mother disciplining her child.  It was so loving and gentle, yet very effective.  To contrast with another mom, who yelled and even slept her curious rambunctious daughter, who felt (and rightfully so!) violated, discouraged and less confident.

I immediately reflected on my parenting skills, blaming myself for not having enough patience, understanding and acceptance for my son and other people. 

This morning, a childhood memory revealed a blow to my own confidence, as my mom commented  in frustration, on wasting money taking me to art museums, and restaurants in Moscow instead of my brother.

So, maybe be a golden rule still stands for all of us: If you have nothing good to say, don't say it!

As I am getting older (not old!), I am appreciating more.  Life experiences help me mature and gain perspective.  These are MY experiences, and MY perspective!

I used to dread the summer ending.  But, for many years now, I have observed the artistry of nature, and I love it all!  

Yesterday, a tiny morning due sparkling on a green leaf with some red fall color, enchanted me, wising I had a camera on me to capture this moment.  

A moment!  Just one moment!  Let's not miss beauty in others!

I have a new friendship with an 81-year wise woman.  I feel warmed up by her kindness, perception on life situations,  and being gentle instead of forthcoming  She, in turn, seems to enjoy our nightly walks and my wholistic knowledge.  

And of course, I look forward to going back to playgrounds with my beautiful and vivacious children I babysit occasionally!

It's all about BALANCE!!!

To Life!


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