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Cleansing For Quicker Recovery


When colon, liver, kidneys and other organs are clean and balanced, it is much easier and quicker to recover your health. 

     Drinking wheat grass juice and water + enemas for 3 days, if possible, gives your body/digestion a break and time to cleanse.  You can get to 3 days gradually, at your own pace. Sometimes, it is better to detox slower – you have to listen to your body.

·         When you do an enema, you cleanse all the organs, as each part of your colon corresponds to an organ in your body.

Big and retention enemas are very beneficial.

Big enema can be done with an herbal tea, wheat grass juice, and other ingredients added to distilled water, or distilled water by itself.  

For retention enemas: 40/60 ratio of Therapeutic grade Essential Oil /Vegetable oil.   

·         Which oils to use for enema?   

Depends on stool/digestion and health problem.  Young Living carries a blend of oils, called Protec.  Other ways to cleanse with essential oils is by using cleansing trio, or the new cleanse with NingXia Red.

Big enema can be done in the morning, after going to the bathroom.  
Retention enema can be done at night or after the big enema.  You can also do an inplant (a small enema) with the wheatgrass juice). 

·        Support healthy liver function – JuvaFlex or JuvaCleanse  (3 drops on the liver, 3 drops on the liver reflex on the right foot).
Drinking citrus oils in the morning (a few drops in water) is another way of cleansing and stimulating liver.  However, you do need Juva blends.

There are 2 more choices to support your liver – with herbal powders (JuvaPower, JuvaTone (has oils too), and JuvaSpice – but I prefer the above.

·        Support healthy function of kidneys – Juniper – 3 drops on each  kidney & kidney reflexes on feet  YLRefReflexChart2.jpg 

·        Take care of emotions, both stored in the body (Release essential oil) and current issue (Frankincense is very mood uplifting oil).  Inhaling it or diffusing (I prefer Therapro diffuser) will help.

Write all that has been accumulated in you for years – let it go.  This is where smelling Release and other emotional oils helps.  For more information on supporting emotions with essential oils, read  Essential oils for emotions

·        Balance immune system – 1 drop of Harmony on Thymus, Valor on shoulders and feet (3 drops on each)

·        Purification oil is excellent to cleanse the whole body, lymph, and for Candida (has tea tree in it, and Lemongrass) – put 3-6 drops on each foot, depending on the foot size).

·         Use Endoflex to balance endocrine system – 3 drops on thymus and reflex on foot.

By the way, when you put the oil on reflexes, it is a good idea to do a reflex massage, called a "caterpillar walk".

·        For thyroid – use 3 drops of Myrtle  (one of the choices)  

Any other organs I missed?
·    Adrenals  

Add the following amounts of essential oils to 1/4 tsp. of massage oil and apply as a warm compress over the adrenal glands (located on top of kidneys): (be careful, if you have cancer - watch the compress temperature)
o    3 drops clove
o    3 drops nutmeg
o    7 drops rosemary

·        Vascular cleansing blend 
  • 10 drops Juniper
  • 10 drops Cypress
  • 10 drops Lemongrass
Dilute 50/50, apply 4-6 drops to under arms, kidney area, and bottoms of feet, 1-3 times daily.
Raindrop Technique: 1-3 times monthly

Ingestion:  Capsule 0 size, 1 capsule once a day  

Note:  The quicker you cleanse/balance your body/mind, the quicker results you'll get.  Essential oils and enemas are very effective in assisting in the recovery process.

Note: Information in this post is just a summary / a guideline.  Every situation needs to be evaluated individually.

To your health!


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