Thursday, June 11, 2015

Non-toxic Personal Products

Guess who my biggest "customer" of therapeutic grade essential oils and products infused with these precious oils is?

You would never guess!  My husband!  

He loves the soaps, the mouthwash, the shampoo and the toothpaste.  Now that he tried high quality products, he can't go back to what he used before.  (I am so happy!!!)

He loves bar soaps, and tells me that these are made so well, that they last as long as 3 regular ones would.    His evaluation of the mouthwash  is  "the taste is not sweet as the other ones, and it  leaves your mouth feeling clean."   I make my own mix for my teeth and gums, which I use daily.

I am completely immersed into using these products, and can't see how I can live without them anymore.  High quality, non-toxic, kosher, organic, wild, and health supporting!

To being healthy!


Health Essentials LLC.

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