Friday, June 19, 2015

Thank You, Sciatica

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Now that I feel better, I can rationalize.

Why did I get sciatica, or in my case, inflammation and pelvic area mis-alignment?

A few things come to mind.

1.  I am missing a few teeth on my left side.  Additionally, one of the teeth lost a filling, and I do not wish to put a cap or even worse, an artificial tooth.  As a result, I don't chew as much on the left side, so I think, this effects my alignment.
2.  What if it doesn't, and I am sending my body the wrong signals?  Then my thoughts are creating a problem in my body.
3.  Pain is how the body communicates with me about something being wrong.
     Do I sit more than I should - you bet!  I've turned into a chair-mate...
     Do I do enough physical activity, eat well - noooooooo.  Therefore, my stomach got bigger,   effecting my spine and muscles 
     So there - my body is telling me to wake up, and change, before bigger problems arise.

So, what should I do?  

  1. Help the inflammation process - cleanse, detox
  2. Relieve pain, get more energy to deal with the situation
  3. Change - not that I have much choice anymore, as I can't sit much
  4. Address my emotions, conscious and subconscious - I went for a walk, repeating that I am well, and enjoyed the nature around me
  5. It helped a lot, that none of my friends seem to care much that I was dying from pain...  Yet, it felt super good, when my husband started fixing my back.  I am ready to face my upcoming trip - I am traveling alone again... by my own creation...
  6. Do more Yoga and Tao poses, take more breaks to move around, STAY AWAY FROM COMPUTER!
  7. I created a few YouTube videos to share with the world, what helped me.  I hope, someone, finds them helpful.
         Here is one from the To Be Or Not To Be Sick - " FDA Approved " list:

It is not enough to work on the bottom part of your spine.  Make sure to balance the top of the spine as well.  This might be were the problem originated!   (Many times, your body mirrors the problem area).  

Be well, and don't give up!  

As Always,

Health Essentials LLC.

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