Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Sciatic pain was so excruciating, I could not sit or sleep

Yes, my friends,
My sciatic pain was so bad, I couldn't even sit down to go to the bathroom.  When squatting, I couldn't bend my left leg without getting pain at my knee within seconds.

And in such condition, I went to Puerto Rico to work as an intern.  Plans were set the year before, and I was not about to back up.

I stood during my flight as much as I was allowed.  

The first two weeks in Puerto Rico were quite an ordeal.  I would wake up middle of the night from excruciating pain.  Cross-legged hip stretch  (please see my video

), would be the first thing I had to do, following by walking and swinging my hips.  Rebounder seemed to help too (it could be any time at night).

 While working at the green house, I sang to myself, and moved my hips from side to side, dancing.  On my breaks, I walked on the beach, ran a little, swam, and used rebounder first thing in the morning, and a few times during the day.  The pain would go away.

Two weeks passed, and I didn't get better, even though I cleansed my colon and ate raw living foods.  Acupressure and chiropractic adjustment didn't bring any relief either.  

And this is when I came up with the exercises, which made the pain so much less! (video 2).

Something else I discovered during this trying time - I realized which emotion caused this pain.  My body was stopping me from going from Puerto Rico, then while in Puerto Rico, the pain got even worse (if it's at all imaginable!), when I had to go for a procedure I was scared to do.

As of this writing, I am 90% better.  I came up with new exercises, and my body is so much balanced now!

Here are the new exercises I do every day:

Every morning, I start on a rebounder, then hang upside down, stretch, walk and run.

I am sitting down now, typing this post for YOU.  And I can bend my left leg!

Be well and pain-free!
Don't give up - your body is communicating with you - don't neglect it.  Rebuild!



Health Essentials LLC. 

link to info on herniated disk/pinched nerve:

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