Thursday, September 10, 2015

Energy Soup: Delicious and Nutritious

I love having energy soup, as it calms me down, tastes good, and is so nutritious, high in enzymes, chlorophyll rich, and cleansing.
I usually start by putting kelp in Rejuvelac (fermented quinoa or cabbage drink rich in enzymes), or kefir, or water. Then I turn my Green Star juicer on (using blank screen) and start putting all my greens: zucchini, salad greens, sprouts (sunflower and buckwheat), cucumber and celery.

That's it!
Some people use Vitamix, but I hate the noise it makes. Besides, my juicer, instead of cutting the food, squeezes and breaks it like a meat grinder.
Here is my energy soup.


If you don't like greens that much, you can add a carrot, papaya or lemon/lime juice. You can make it taste the way you like it. Addition of greens to sweet fruit slows down digestion of fructose.

Why is it called Energy soup? Because it is extremely easy to digest, is cleansing and nutritious, and gives YOU energy instead of taking yours.

Add some protein to your meal, like avocado or flex seed porridge - and you're set. Energy soup will help you digest your protein.

Enjoy! Create, and be well!

To Health!


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