Monday, September 14, 2015

Releasing Painful Memories

Everyone internalizes, expresses or reacts to  their emotions differently: i.e. some bury their fear and traumatic memories in their painful stomachs, some in their tight lungs, yet others in their heart, and so on.  

Over the years, I had my share of painful emotions: a twisted stomach, frozen shoulders, tooth root canal inflammation, and sciatica. I watched people close to me getting asthma attach, heart problems, and colon cancer (sigh).

There are many ways to relieve the heavy burden of painful memories and emotions.  

When I was working at the Ann Wigmore Institute, I met a veteran on the beach, who had fears and painful memories.  We did the emotional release protocol, and tears poured from his eyes, relieving the burden.   I wish, I had more time to spend with him.    

My favorite way to deal with emotions is positive thinking, and using therapeutic grade essential oils.  

If you would like more information on many ways to deal with painful memories, read the following collection of posts:

Be Happy!

Rev. Eugeniya

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