Thursday, September 10, 2015

"Why Suffer?"

My dear friends,
I am enjoying reading a book Why Suffer, the autobiography of Dr. Ann Wigmore, who developed the Living Foods Lifestyle® over three decades of research, and was presented, among her many accomplishments,  with a Recognition Award for work in the field of Youthfulness and for Efforts in Regeneration of Human Cells and Tissues, in 1971.

Her childhood years were filled with such loving memories of befriending animals, wild and domesticated, hardships growing up during the World War I in Lithuania - a great reading for young children.

Of particular interest to me is the part about her research work on wheat grass juice.  I get goose bumps reading about amazing results achieved by multiple sclerosis victim, arthritis, COPD,  cancer, rheumatism, blindness, and other hopeless bed-ridden elderly people.  

Here are a few quotes from Why Suffer:
A man, who had leukemia was given a death sentence by Beth Israel Hospital in Boston.  After drinking wheatgrass juice and altering his diet, 6 months later "an elderly man sprang out (from a car), ran up our front steps, and burst into the house.  ...He exclaimed with a laugh, holding out his hand. "I'm the human wreck who slumped into that chair there when my wife brought me here last fall"

Another man,  sixty-five years old, who had been a sufferer from neck and face cancer for about fourteen years, received "help" from X-ray, radium and surgery which had caused most of his jaw to disappear, and paralyzed tongue, "received four large glasses of wheatgrass juice and other juices, spaced about two hours apart.  ... The third week, the apparently paralyzed tongue... loosened.  We were able to converse.  The fourth week, the two neck holes of several years' standing were gradually growing smaller and now were completely scabbed over.  The chalk-like flesh about them had turned pinkish, and good red blood showed at the edges of the sores.'

The Bishop of Syria, who could hardly speak, who suffered from chronic constipation, poor circulation, a painful throat condition, and weakened lungs.    He consulted physicians in Europe and Asia... his voice continued to get weaker and the pains in his throat increased after ten days of the therapy "was finding once again his powerful voice, constipation has almost been eliminated and new life, new ambition, new hope was rising hi him"

Children with leprosy in Uganda "had remarkable results.  ..after using the wheatgrass juice, in many cases the pain was alleviated, and the condition of their hands, feet, and skin improved steadily"..  

Not that I am the least surprised , as I have used wheat grass juice for so many years.
This year I spent 1 month working at the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute where I drank wheat grass juice twice a day, and put it on my skin and in my eyes.  The most memorable testimonials from students and 1 staff member: one recuperated from cancer,  and another one, who had Lou Gehrig's, and whose life  was prolonged. 

I still remember spilling some wheat grass juice on my stove years ago, and how clean my stove looked after I wiped that spot.

Wheat grass works like a blood transfusion, which, unlike the artificial IV infusion you get at the hospital,  provides your body iwth live, nutrient-rich and cleansing nourishment. You are welcome to read more about Ann Wigmore and nutritious benefits of wheat grass juice in my Fountain Of Youth post  

One more thought on Why Suffer subject.  I just met a neighbor, who is going to have a hip replacement.  It amazes me, how people have become so robotic in their thinking and physically.  Organs removed, parts replaced...

What happened to understanding that we are live, and regenerate and repair?  

We put the right gas in the car, yet, who knows what we feed our body and soul - toxins and dead food.

What can you expect?

As Ann Wigmore realized - your body is a temple of your soul!  If you keep your temple clean and nourished, your soul will be happy.

Another interesting note from Ann Wigmore's book book.  She read in The Book of Daniel, in the Fourth Chapter, Verses 31 and 32, about dissolute King Nebuchadnezzar, who was losing his mentality and physical well-being.  He recovered, after following advice of the voice from Heaven, to go into the fields and "eat grass as did the oxen".

As the old Russian saying goes: In a healthy body, the soul is healthy.

Take care of your temple!
Rev. Eugeniya

Health Essentials LLC.

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