Monday, November 16, 2015

Your spine and hips alignment

My dear friends,

I hope to save you a lot of discomfort by sharing this information with you.

To summarize the video below, your spine is your life-line.  Depending on where your spine/posture is not correct, that type of physical/emotion problems you might have.  

Additionally, the health of the top and the bottom of your spine is connected as well.   If your neck is not straight, your back will let you know...

The position of the hips is so important!  Do the postures/exercises, hips-adjustment, etc. to make sure your hips are symmetrical to avoid problems later on in life.

Spinal alignment is also effected by internal organs.  If the organ is swollen or too weak,  pushing or pulling against the muscles, which in turn cause the spine to go out of alignment.  
Everything in our body is connected!

For more information, read Bottom Up: Cleansing And Balancing To Improve Health

Our emotions/thoughts affect our health as well.   Quite often, our negative emotions trigger our physical imbalance.  I always remember this.  In fact, this should be the first step in getting better.   To be balanced means addressing the whole you.

This is how many old traditional medicines around the world have viewed health for thousands of years.  

There are so many ways to stay balanced.

Below, find the chart of effects of spinal misalignment by Louise Hay.
For example, for a lower back problem, she mentions that fear of money and lack of financial support may trigger the problems.  She suggests a new thought pattern for the person, to say: "I trust the process of life.  All I need is always taken care of.  I am safe". 

Meditation, i.e. Sahaja, can be used to address emotions.

For yoga postures, refer to my post 

Demystifying the Chakras (from a hormonal (emotional) perspective)

Problems With the Spine

"Disks act as cushions between the vertebrae in your spine. They're composed of an outer layer of tough cartilage that surrounds softer cartilage in the center." (

There are a few essential oils which support a healthy cartilage.  My favorite is Palo Santo.
I would also use Valor on shoulders, feet and the spine.  For comfort - Deep Relief or PanAway.
I have 2 more favorite to support the nerves: Valerian or a RutaVala roll on (Lavender, Valerian and Ruta).

Raindrop technique would be invaluable to relax and balance the vertebra. 

To your health! (Na zdorovie!)


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