Thursday, December 31, 2015

I Had A Dream Last Night - Or My Believes

My dear friends,

I woke 2 times last night - one time from my gums/teeth, letting me know that I have crossed the line, and the second time, from my husband's alarm, my teeth and gums being thankful from what I have done previously.

The second dream was about meeting some people who were near an amusement park, but not having fun at all, struggling to "conquer" their cancer.  As I was leaving the place in a car with my friends, I yelled to the stragglers 2 things: to say they were healthy 100 times, and to have fun at the amusement park, and that I would be back tomorrow to share everything I knew with them, free of charge.

This is what I would share with them, in a nut shell: we are what we believe, essential oils and nutrition are amazing at helping you be in balance physically, emotionally, and spiritually. However, there is a higher force, which decides your destiny.

Going back to my first wake up call.  I rubbed therapeutic grade essential oils of tea tree, wintergreen, myrrh, and thyme - just a little, using different fingers (I cover the essential oils bottle with my clean finger, and flip the bottle.  Whatever is left on my finger, I spread on my gums).  Then, I just held my saliva mixed with essential oils, in my mouth, for as long as I could, and then swallowed.  Could I have used other oils?  Yes, of course.  I was even looking for Valerian, which was empty, or Peace and Calming.  However, what I did, seemed tot have worked.

I will be definitely a good girl today - no sweets.  Instead, I will have green soup, and wheat grass juice.  And I look forward to enjoying them!

Kadima! (forward, in Hebrew)

My husband wants me to change for better overnight: Ne - too stressful...

To Love and Health!

Happy Upcoming New 2016 Year, Everyone!!!

Your friend,

Health Essentials LLC.

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