Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tame Your Mane: DIY Detanglers for Your Hair Type

You can tell a lot about someone's health by looking at their hair.

I often get complements on my hair.  Do you want to know my secrets?

1. I decided not to get gray hair
2. I use Copaiba Vanilla shampoo and Copaiba Vanilla Conditioner
3. I try to eat better and think positive

Below is a useful post to get the knots out of  your hair.

To Health and Beauty!

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Every now and then, we all get a visit from the Bedhead Fairy. If you have children, you know that bedhead can strike any time, night or day, without even having to see a bed. The next time you’re trying to tame some wild tresses, reach for this DIY detangler!

To make things simple, each of these recipes starts with the same conditioning base. All you need to do is add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to this base to transform it into a custom detangling solution that will perfectly fit your needs.

Spray Bottle - Young Living DIY Hair DetanglerDIY Detangler Base

  • 1/2 cup Lavender Mint, Lavender, or Copaiba Vanilla conditioner
  • 2 cups distilled water
  • 24-oz. spray bottle

Bring the distilled water to a simmer without boiling. Combine the warm water and conditioner in the bottle, shaking to combine. Add the recommended essential oils to the detangling base, shaking once again to distribute.

Apply the detangler to hair as needed, using the bottle’s spray attachment and focusing on the ends rather than the scalp, gently combing to dispense evenly throughout your hair. You can either rinse out the detangler or leave it in for extra conditioning. Style your hair as usual and enjoy the pleasant aroma of essential oils throughout the day!

Here are five recipes of essential oils that you can add to the detangling base to perfectly complement your hair type:
Normal Hair
  •  5 drops of Geranium essential oil
  • 5 drops of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oil
 Oily Hair
  • 5 drops of Tea Tree essential oil
  • 5 drops of Clary Sage essential oil
 Dry Hair
  • 5 drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil
  • 5 drops of Myrrh essential oil
Morning Detangler
  • 5 drops of Geneyus essential oil blend
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