Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How Digestion Effects Your Weight Loss And Your Health

I see many people working hard to improve their health - running, dieting, exercising their will power to change, and yet, they do not get the results they want.


Maybe because they did not address their digestion and emotions.

What happens when we do not properly digest food?  

First of all - it simply does not come out the other end.  

Every time you do not properly digest your food, it gets accumulated in your colon.

As the walls of your colon get clogged more and more (picture a flexible garden hose) 
  • the shape of your colon changes
  • the colon starts pressing on the internal organs, interfering with their function
  • your stomach starts sticking out, causing misalignment of your spine  
  • less and less food gets through the clogged opening, while more and more undigested food gets trapped in already clogged colon
  • If you don't do anything about this, the food might start backing up and fermenting (noxious gas, foul mouth and body odor).
  • Depending on what part(s) of the colon are clogged, other internal organs get effected adversely, triggering a chain reaction of organ problems

So then, what is the logical next step - going to a doctor to take medications to suppress your body and brain from asking you for help, proudly getting labels for diseases, and scheduling theatrical 3-minutes expensive performances with a doctor, expecting him/her to send you home with magic pill, which might work until you get worse?

Taking laxatives, which irritate the colon, or a prune juice, which aids in proliferation of Candida (bloating and gas) do not solve the problem.

I hope, I expanded your understanding of the importance of good digestion for your health.

Be Well!


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