Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Allergic Or Normal Reaction?

Here is one of my old posts.

I will never forget my first day arriving in NY city, April 1980 - I got sick as a dog.  I got car sick riding in my uncle's car.  When I got outside to get some fresh air, the fumes  from cars were so toxic, I got extremely noxious and refused to continue the trip -  I thought I was going to dye!

  33 years fast forward.  Now, when I come to NY city, I don't even smell anything.  Of course, sometimes I get annoyed at the smokers, who line up the entrances to the buildings, and poorly maintained cars spitting stinking smoke.  However, amazingly, all this does not make me really sick anymore.

  I grew up in Kiev, Ukraine, part of the Soviet Union at the time.  I remember, during the summers we used to stay for about 3 months in the country with my grandma, my parents joining us for the weekends and one month of vacation.  The air in the country was pristine, the food - fresh from the market (my poor father carried it on his back for a mile, just to witness it disappear in a matter of minutes...)  We drank fresh warm milk (non-pasteurized!), which had light steam over it - paradise!

  I remember eating vanilla ice cream sandwich, marshmallows - everything tasted so good!  However, all of a sudden, I detected artificial colors and flavors being added to my favorite food - it did not taste that good anymore.  Luckily for me, I always enjoyed watermelon, tomatoes, fresh juice every single morning made for me by my parents, and so many other delicious things.

  Back then, I got sick only once a year, and did not see that many sick people around me.  People usually died at an old age.

  So you can imagine my shock when my parents got ill here, in the US, at an early age, my friend died at 38, my son getting asthma at 11.

  My first nutritional teachers, Norman Walker, Ann Wigmore, and Dr.Jarvis opened up my eyes to the truth - "We eat ourselves to death", as Norman Walker put it.

  Sadly, nowadays, children are taught to believe that they are allergic to this and that, instead of the other way around - the environment and food/personal products they use, is all toxic.

  Arthritis, scoliosis, eczema, Candida - these are all the "labels" many people acquire, and are content to proudly maintain for the rest of their lives, instead of changing their diets and cleansing.   After all, these diseases have "unknown" causes, and the condition is chronic

  It is appalling to see how many companies, parental groups, etc. re-enforce  these false concepts - it is suffocating!!!!!!!!!!!!





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