Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Support Your Dog's Healthy Kidneys

I often think about so many dogs having bad kidneys.

Over-medicating, vaccinating, feeding processed food, and emotional stress do not help this matter.

Yet, another big factor is that our poor loyal friends don't get a simple God-given right to pee when they need to!  

Most dogs are kept indoors for hours.  Can you imagine yourself holding it in for 7 or 8 hours?  Do you remember that feeling of being unable to pee right away, after holding it in?  What do you think the dogs feel?  Do you think the size of the dog matters?

Some dogs resolve to not drinking the whole day, so that they would not need to go.  Well - that is not healthy for the dog either - dehydration.

I make sure to take my dog out in 1 hour or 2 after she has a drink.  If I know, I would not be able to take her out soon, I give her a small drink to keep her hydrated.  And we usually make sure she makes a quick pee stop before going to bed.

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To Our Pets' Health!

With Love,

Health Essentials LLC.

P.S. Do not feed your dog avocado, grapes (or raisins), chocolate or onion.

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