Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Your Pet's Neck Posture


Elevating your pet's food and water dishes is very important for your pet's health.
This reduces stress on their neck and back, helps them maintain a healthy posture, reduces ingested air, and aids in digestion.

Just like humans, pets posture/spine is their life-line.  The vagus nerve at the base of the head connects all the body functions to the brain.

When we adopted my dog Pepper, she was extremely ill: breathing, digestion, kidneys, liver, heart - everything was out of balance.  By lovingly modifying her diet, and taking good care of her, she has become a healthier and happier dog!  And so did we!!!

For other topics about dogs, visit my Youtube playlist Healthy Dog

To Our Pets' Health!

With Love,

Health Essentials LLC.

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