Saturday, July 16, 2016

Bad Vertigo?

I was browsing my old non-FDA compliant blog, re-reading the information about Locus Ceeruleos in the "Neuro-Auricular Technique (NAT) to jump-start and reconnect all of the synapses of the brain and upper spine, particularly in the locus ceruleus and vagal ganglia" when I discovered this post you might find useful.  

I wrote it in 10/18/2013, and got +299,724  !  
I didn't restore the links below to the other pages, as it would require a lot of work.


Last night, all of a sudden, while I was sitting by the computer, I had a bad vertigo - I felt something like a powerful wave inside my head.

I never experienced anything like that before.

I grabbed my oils right away (actually, I sat in a chair, and my husband and my son gave me what I asked for).  

I inhaled and rubbed – PeppermintLavender on temples and back of head,  BreathAgain, Valor on shoulders and feet,  BrainPower on temples, back of my neck – I actually did a mini NAT.  I also applied DiGize to my stomach and had kefir – I overate a little that night, and was not outside much, riding a train and subway (total of about 6 hr!), and then staying at the library for a few hours.

What was weird – I could not smell  Peppermint!  I smelled Valerian and other oils, but not Peppermint.

I used whatever else came to mind – PurificationCypress, etc.

I sat in a chair for a while, not feeling that great, but within a few minutes I felt better, but not completely.

I breathed some fresh air, and then went for a nice walk, with my husband holding my hand.  When I came back I could smell Peppermint again and felt completely fine, but a little scared.

Later on, before going to bed, I took a nice bath with raw apple cider, Cypress and Palmarosa – and fell asleep, as usual…

I continued healing myself today, and will make sure my blood is all “pure”.  I hope it was not a mini-stroke, but it was a strong reminder to taking better care of myself.  I used Longevity and took it easy, not overeating.  I biked twice to Whole Foods, walked the dog and did other usual chores, etc. – no more problems!

Listen to your body – it will tell you, and push you in the right direction.

To Your Health!

Love, Always,


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