Monday, July 18, 2016

Do Not Cook Spinach

Some of you may not know that cooking spinach, and other greens containing oxalic acid is harmful to your health.

Here is what Norman Walker teaches us:

"When the oxalic acid has become INORGANIC by coking or processing the foods that contain it, then this acid forms an interlocking compound with the calcium even combining with the calcium in other foods eaten during the same meal, destroying the nourishing value of both.  This results in such a serious deficiency of calcium that it has been known to cause decomposition of the bones.  This is the reason I never eat cooked or canned spinach.  

... oxalic acid crystals form in the kidneys.

When it's organic (raw), ... helps the digestive assimilation of the latter, at the same time stimulating the peristaltic functions in the body.

The most abundant supply of organic oxalic acid is found in fresh-raw spinach, Swiss chard, beet greens, turnip and mustard greens, kale and collards, and the broad-leafed French sorrel."

Many wild plants contain oxalic acid, and therefore should not be cooked.

To health!
(Na Zdorov'ye!)

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