Friday, July 1, 2016

Recovering From My Fractured Toe And An Injury To My Knee

I like taking care of myself - I know when and what I need.  If I make a mistake - I'll learn.

Yesterday, I slipped on a rock while hiking.  When it happened, I only had lavender on me.  So I applied it on the toe as many times as I felt pain (a lot).

Three days later, I found out there was a fracture.

Without getting into details, the important points are:

  1. Your body knows how to heal - you just might want to help it.  Red blood cells (the bruise) come to the rescue, so do not interfere with that.  Putting ice or cold compresses stops red blood cells flow and slows up the healing process 
  2. A few days after the injury, I like to apply a hot compress with ACV and cayenne pepper, followed by essential oils (therapeutic grade) and food/juices to support and nourish the injured cells
  3. Exercise the toe as soon as you can to avoid stiffness and unnecessary procedures afterwards.  Use acupressure if need be (I used it to flex my knee.  Otherwise, it was too painful in the afternoon)
Here is the full story. 

I was hiking with my friends when I slipped off a rock and injured my toe and knee.  Even though I was in a lot of pain, I felt uncomfortable asking my friends to take me home.  So I continued walking.  After we made it to the top of the mountain, I joined them for a swim at a lake.  

Unfortunately, I didn't bring my emergency essential oils with me, only Lavender.  Therapeutic grade essential oil of lavender has over 400 constituents!  Lavender is good for bruising and so much more.  

So I used Lavender, frequently rubbing it on, as the pain for excruciating.  I had a small piece of fresh hot pepper. my friend's daughter brought, as I didn't have Deep Relief on me. I also drank water mixed with 1 packet of NingXia Nitro to keep me hydrated and energized.  NingXia Nitro always helps me feel better and keeps my spirits up.  This time it did yet another trick - the cramp in my good foot went away right away.

By the time we got home, 4 hours later, my toe was black and blue, swollen and painful.
I immediately put Valor, PanAway, and Deep Relief on.  Then, pressured by my family, I went to an urgent care center to check my toe, to make sure my bone was in place, and the toe not broken.  Unfortunately, I didn't bring my picture ID with me, so we didn't get to see the doctor (there goes the Hippocratic oath...)

I didn't feel like going to another place, and decided to continue taking care of my toe myself. 

As I did, I was taking short videos to share with you.

I didn't document every single step, and this post is not meant as a guideline for everyone.  I used what I had at home and could think of.  Just like anyone else would.

I wanted to make sure my toe could bend, and not stiffen up, plus my body aligned.  So the next day after the injury, I started practicing walking down the steps, walking as if I was not injured.

Here are some brief notes of what I did/used.
Last oils used - Frankincense + Clove

The next morning, my toe is still swollen (if looking from a side), much better on the bottom - just black and blue, but no swelling!

I had kefir and quinoa rejuvelac, and felt like eating papaya.

Bruise recipe from the EDDR:


I will soak my toe in raw vinegar (ACV) and cayenne pepper, and then apply the oils

Created the blend with Lemongrass, Clove, Cypress, White Fir, etc. (from the EDDR) for the bone repair.

5 days later:

Two weeks later - the bruise is gone, but not completely from the inner side of the toe.  I hardly apply anymore compresses or oils, even though my toe still hurts a little - do my postures in the morning, stretch, and a little exercise on the wet grass.  I've been walking up and down the hill, hiking in Ramapo, swimming, walking up and down the stairs, etc. 

I don't enjoy taking care of myself - I just want this to be gone already! (impatience!)  My knee is so annoying!  So I just put Christmas Spirit on my knee, which is bothering me more than the toe now, as I have to work each day on trying to bend it.  My whole meridian (I think, kidney) is painful.  So my body was telling me for quite a while to pay attention to my kidneys, but I didn't - therefore, I hurt myself more...

Anyway, Christmas Spirit made my knee nice and red, and hurt more.  Good - the pain is signaling my body is doing more work to repair itself.  I also put Christmas Spirit on my feet to improve the circulation - nice and hot.  

Then, I followed by RutaVala and Deep Relief, as it was too painful already.  
Enough paying attention to my annoying knee - I just grabbed my camera, went outside with Pepper,and started walking like a duck to make sure my knee was in place.

Jiggled my knee as in the video which shows putting the knee back in place - feels much better..
Swimming tomorrow!

To be fair - my knee took all the burden off my toe, twisting to accommodate for .the painful toe.
Just look at the picture of my sandals to see how much weight I put on my right foot.

So, it's Friday, 2 weeks after.  I was able to bend my knee squatting!  Pressing on reflexes to help the pain/recuperation.  I changed my sandals for a new pair, making sure to press on toes on both
feet equally from now on, pain or no pain.

In the morning routine on the wet grass, I walked on 4 first, then did the yoga postures for lower   back first (cross-legged, moving the arm to the side), then pushing the small of my back against the ground, side stretching/sitting down, and then the worrier pose.

Put Valor on the painful meridian points, JuvaCleanse on liver, Juniper on my kidney, Endoflex on my thymus, GLF on my pancreas (should have put laurus nobilis on my pancreas - I will in a minute).  Drank 2 glasses of water with Slique Essence, tea tree, and then Juniper.  AromaLife feels so relieving on my knee!  Really a good blend to improve circulation and support the cells.

I've been on my trampoline, especially in the mornings.  Today, I started jumping on it - made my knee feel better.  It is amazing, how with each day I feel better and better.

So today is Sunday, 2 weeks and 3 days after.  I hiked, at a good pace, walking completely normally, all the way to the upper lake in Rxxx.  Swam for a good while, and headed back.  The knee hurt, but I can bare it, keeping in mind that the pain is signalling my body to do some repair.  Roy joined me at the bottom, and we walked some more.  So about 3 active hours.  Putting a hand on my knee quieted the pain.  However, when I got home, I put PanAway, and then OrthoSport.  Seemed sufficient.  

I haven't done much for either my knee or toe for the past few days - I feel that my body needs to do some work too, plus I get disinterested in taking care of myself. 

So 3 weeks and 5 days (or 2 weeks and 5 days?) - I ran on the beach, playing tag, swam and played in the water - the knee is fine, the broken toe is still signaling weakly, so I'll be kind and put PanAway + Wintergreen, + OrthoSport on it, maybe.

I really feel proud of myself - I took care of myself completely, including the twisted knee (you can see how many ligaments envelope the knee).  

Postures to align your body are so important, and have to be done every day.


With Love,

Aromatic regards!

Health Essentials LLC.

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