Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Reading Your Body

Dear friends,
Have you ever wondered why different problems like bumps and bunions appear in some locations, and not the others?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCI) explains it as an access energy and waste your body is trying to eliminate along the particular meridian.  

Meridians correspond to different internal organs.  Therefore, our body communicates to us via these signs to clue us in, what organs need balancing.   Balancing  means addressing emotions causing the problem with that particular organ, cleansing, nutritional and healing support of the organ.  

Of course, we should not forget that everything in the body is connected - an improperly functioning one organ effects others, and is itself effected by malfunctioning of another organ/system.  

We have an amazing body/mind/spirit system, which needs to be supported and taking care of every day, so that it can successfully get rejuvenated day after day.

Taking medications does not fix these imbalances, and instead further complicates the existing condition.

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Pictures of the human body: chakras, reflexology, and meridians:

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Got dark patches or eczema on your skin?
Time for a liver cleanse.
The marks on your skin  (or dog's skin) show you which internal organs are not balanced.
However, do not forget that it is your emotions, your life style and nutrition, which cause these imbalances.
If you cleanse your liver, help your body get the garbage out. Do not neglect your other internal organs and systems.
To Health and Happiness!!!

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