Monday, September 19, 2016

Are You Getting Or Losing Energy When You Eat

It struck me today, how many people are still eating cereal - highly processed and flavored dead "food".

There is not even a comparison between a whole grain, which is full of nutrients.  When soaked, it  becomes live, full of energy, and can grow.  On the other hand, what can you grow from a cereal?

Then, answer a simple question - why eat something that you do not benefit from?

Convenience?  Rich in vitamins and flavors?  Vitamins from living food, all balanced in a natural way - yes, your body will thank you for that.  However, the chemicals added to "food" - you will see most of them (maybe 70%) in the toilet, if you are lucky not to congest your body.

100,000 trillion little body cells screaming for nutrition, get to fight off the offensive "food" thrown at them!

Would you say, it is hard to soak the grain?  To put a few spoon-fulls of grain in water overnight or for a day?  

You will be rewarded by such flavors and energy!  Chewy and delicious REAL FOOD!

So what do you say?  
Try it, if you want to be healthy!

To Health!

With love,

Health Essentials LLC.

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