Thursday, September 29, 2016

Wheatgrass Juice For Eyes

I am so sad, because my uncle is getting worse.  And the worst part is - I offered him a solution a long time ago, when he was still much better...

And he is not alone - many people blindly take medications, instead of helping themselves to get better.

What happened to my uncle?  Many years ago, it started as a heart problem, after my grandma died.   

Instead of taking care of the sadness, he buried it deep in his heart, and started to take medications.  

Medications...  Side effects...  From a healthy man, who used to go to the beach in the morning to exercise, he slowly started getting sicker and sicker.  Did not want to listen to my suggestions.

The last straw was losing his eye site.  I told him and his wife about wheatgrass, essential oils, etc. - it fell on deaf ears...

And now...  it might be too late...  

I feel, I should have taken care of him, but would he have let me?  Each person draws their own line in the sand...  

So sad.  So many people are ignorant and just trusting someone else to take care of them...

Here is what he could have done for his eyes.

Bathe them in wheatgrass juice.

Think what the trees/plants do for us - they clean the air/environment.  They are living and strong.  So when we drink fresh juice from wheatgrass, it quickly gets into our blood, assisting our body in cleansing and nourishing.  

The juice has to be consumed within 15 minutes, as chlorophyll and other live elements get destroyed.

Then, there are essential oils (therapeutic grade), and so many other ways.  Keeping in mind, that the eyes are a part of the Whole body/mind/soul, which need to be addressed.

To Your Health!

Please take care of your own health!  Read, learn, do ...

With love,

Health Essentials LLC.

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