Thursday, October 13, 2016

Getting Rid Of Fungus Or Creating A Healthy Balanced Environment To Control The Candida And Other Fungi Overgrowth

For many years I had bad nails.  

Unfortunately, I noticed it when the fungus spread on to 6 of my nails - 3 fingers on each hand.  I remember trying sea salt, tea tree oil, fresh urine, and I don't remember now what else.  I got very good results - 4 of my nails got good.  When I got tired of doing that, I simply used my mind to visualize a healthy nail, and one more nail got healthy.  

There was one more bad nail left still.  Unfortunately, that's the nail I cut out so much, it was hard to grow it back!  My latest and greatest was to use cabbage rejuvelac, therapeutic grade essential oil of tea tree on and internally, as well as Slique Essence.  Unfortunately, I am not very patient or persistent when it comes to taking care of myself.  Not very smart, I know.  I was getting good results, but I never continued.  Finally, I used my visualization and belief again, and the pleasant surprise didn't take long to follow!

Oh yes - one very important transformation.  I decided to relax about germs, and to use my bare hands and feet in the soil.  Thinking behind it?  A healthy soil is a micro environment of balanced organisms.  These would help me restore my balance of nail and skin.  

Another thing to keep in mind - it takes time to regenerate new cells.  So every time I juiced, ate true living foods, and used natural remedies, I was getting closer to my goal.    Keeping my Candida under control is invaluable.  Positive thinking is a must.

And Voila!  

Yesterday, I decided to extend this concept to my stomach fauna and flora - I ate fresh veggies from a farmer's garden.  The next morning, my stomach got cleansed out like never before!

It does not mean that I am 100% good now, as I make mistakes daily.  However, it felt good to have that balance for a few hours...  I will strive to have my own garden too!

As always,
To Health!  Na zdorov'ye!

With love,

Health Essentials LLC.

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