Friday, October 7, 2016

Getting Well By Taking Your Mind Off Of Yourself

I felt getting sick the other day - a headache (sinus), stomach not so good, a possibility of a sore throat or an ear ache...  Complaints, complaints...

So I addressed some of these physical symptoms, starting with the colon/digestion, sinus, etc.    

I had a few commitments to attend to, which I intended to keep.  One of them was taking care of the big German Sheppard dog I love.  While playing with her, I realized that I felt much better, right away.  I reminded myself that I was well, a few times, right there and then.

Later on, I had another experience, where I took my mind off of myself , and  I completely forgot that I was not feeling well.

At night, I went for a nice walk with my husband.

By the end of the night, I felt fine!

We are so much more spiritual than we acknowledge.

Be joyful, as if your life depends on it!

To Spiritual Health!

To Your Health!

With love,
 Spiritually yours, Eugeniya

Health Essentials LLC.

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