Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Being adopted

Written by Pepper

Hi.  I am Pepper. No, not that pepper that people use with their food!  

I am a dog.  Here is my cute face.    

Do you see my light brown spots shaped into a flower on both sides?

I do have a big forehead – yes, as I am very intelligent.  My ears flip backwards sometimes, which makes me look funny.  

So what?!  

Just look at my white belly with big very light brown spots?  Do you have them?  No, I did not think so.  That’s because your Mom was not a Dalmatian!

I am small and weigh only 15 pounds (6 kilograms).  You think, I am a puppy?  No, I am already 2 years old and still love to jump, run, bark and play. 

Why do I bark? 
-         to say I am happy  
-         when I want someone to play with me
-         when another dog comes near my house or my new pack, I defend my fort!
-         and when I am afraid.    I am afraid of anybody and anything I don’t know.  So I bark first to scare them away  

But deep down, all I want is to be loved & petted.  I want to play with other dogs so badly…  

And I love hugs, lots of hugs!

Do you know what my favorite thing is? 


Anytime, anywhere, anything I can chew on!  I will wake up, drop anything I am doing, if I smell food or hear anyone in the kitchen.

When I was a puppy, I lived with another family – two adults: Heather and Tom.  They used to feed me dry hard balls, while they ate such good-smelling food.  I begged, patiently sat and waited for them to finish their meal, hoping there would be a small piece of real food left for me.  Useless... 

For 2 whole years I was their favorite!  Then one day, they had a baby boy and decided to move into a different apartment, where, unfortunately, dogs were not allowed.  This is when my parents gave me away.

Tom carried me to my crate and put me in a strange car.  I barked and cried all the way to the new place.  My new owner, Joseph, could not take it - he felt so sorry for me. 

The end of my miserable trip was not so bad. 

When I arrived in my new home, Eugeniya, my new mother, met me with a nice bone in her hand.  From there on, I knew who to hang around!

Then, Joseph played with me - he is so much fun!  He tries to catch me when I run around the house.  Don’t think it is easy to catch me – I am really fast and can jump over shoes, balls and books, and squeeze through narrow places between the furniture!   When I get tired, I surrender by flipping on my back, just like they do in wrestling.  And Roy, my new master, is so warm and likes to keep me on his lap and in bed.  And he always sneaks a treat for me!  So I am very happy!

Now I eat almost everything my new family eats, and no-one puts those dry hard balls in my dish anymore.  Instead, I eat crunchy juicy carrots, cucumbers, fresh peppers, ground nuts, fresh cabbage salad, real bones with meat, potatoes (sweat ones are my favorite!), oranges, yogurt and home-made kefir, celery and peas, eggs, raw ground turkey and chicken, pea soup, hot oatmeal and squash, and even fish.  Eugeniya always lets me eat fresh grass, as much as I want to – she never rushes me!  She also makes chicken soup especially for me!  Yummy!

Life is great now, though I will never forget how sad I was when my first family gave me away.  And I will always remember my other mom – she loved me so much!

I used to live with my pack in Hoboken, New Jersey, United States of America.  One day, three new people showed up in our apartment.  A boy named Joseph, and his parents, Roy and Eugeniya.  Joseph could not stop playing with me.  He even took me outside, and kept on throwing snow balls to me.  I think he even got his shoes wet.  His parents were nice too.  Roy pet me a few times, and Eugeniya smelled my face and gently touched me with her nose.  Too bad they had to leave.

A week later Roy and Joseph came back.  Only this time, Heather, my mom, was very sad.  She held me tight for a few minutes, and then Tom took me and carried downstairs and outside, and put me into a big dark blue car, inside my crate, shut the door, and walked away. 

I was horrified.  I screamed and cried, but Tom did not come back.  Joseph sat next to me, and looked at me with tears in his eyes.  Roy sat in front and started the car.

“No. No. Stop” I yelped.  But Roy kept on driving.  I could not believe it was happening to me!  Maybe it was a dream?  Didn’t Heather and Tom love me?  Didn’t I do a lot to please them?

“No, no, don’t take me away!!!!!  Plea ease……..”

We finally stopped.

Joseph took me out.  I looked around, searching for Tom or Heather, my building, my street.  No, I was far from home!

“Go pee-pee”, said Joseph and put me down.  I was so upset.  I did my business and looked at Joseph.

“Come inside with me” Joseph pulled slightly on my leash.
I ran up the stairs into a big house.  There, Eugeniya rushed to me, hugged me and offered me some honey.  Honey!  I never tried it in my entire life!  It was so delicious!  

I followed Eugeniya everywhere she went.  I wanted to be with her and never to be given away again!

Eugeniya liked to feed me delicious food I never tried before.  The first time she gave me a carrot, I did not know what to do with it!  I rolled it with a side of my face –this new toy smelled so good!  I even brought it in the living room to chew on.  But Eugeniya and Joseph did not like that, and brought the carrot back in the kitchen.    

My new family makes me feel so happy!

And you know what the best part is?  I don’t have to stay in a crate anymore – I sleep with my parents in big soft bed under a warm blanket!  

I am special! 

Eugeniya, my mom, loves me so much!  I meet Roy when he comes from work, and Joseph, when he comes from school.   Everyone is happy to see me!

I have new friends-people – my family’s family and friends – they all love me, pet me, and think that I am cute!

At night, I snuggle up with my mom – I love to plop right next to her warm tummy, and fall asleep, as she puts her arms around me.

My life is great now!!!  I AM LOVED!!!

Pepper es graciosa, juguetona, traviesa   y muy Bonita, nosotros la queremos mucho

How are you doing?

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