Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Many Health Benefits Of Patchouli Therapeutic Grade Essential OIl

I decided to test the effectiveness of Patchouli on myself, as I felt some nausea this morning.

I used Patchouli a long time ago, but I didn't like the smell, and put it away. 
Because I wanted to offer it to someone today, I thought, it would be appropriate for me to test it on myself first.  I reached out into my essential oils case, and the first one I touched was Patchouli! (though, I should stop wondering, as it happens a lot)

As I sat down to type an Email to someone, I completely forgot I didn't feel 100%, as my stomach felt good and I was calm, plus I felt like having my husband next to me, but ...

One hour later, I feel calm, collected, and staying on my tasks, planning my day.  That's a good feeling, very well worth tolerating the smell and taste.  All I had was probably less than 1 drop of Patchouli in water.

So, I decided to share the info about Patchouli with you, taking breaks to do my exercises and jumping on the rebounder, and do other things.

Initially, I thought to copy all the info from the EDDR about Patchouli's so many properties and uses.  But then, I just went on their web site, and saw the info on uses summarized as "Skin Health, Emotional Release, Anti-nausea Support".  Pretty general, but... FDA-approved...

With aromatic love,
 As Always,

Health Essentials LLC.

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